Why Is My AOL Mail Not Working On Android Phone?

Is there anyone who knows abbout why is my AOL mail not working on Android phone. I am facing this issues on my mobile while using AOL mail. Help me.

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AOL Mail Not Working On Android Phone:

A lot of AOL users have launched a complaint that their email service is not working on their tabs and smartphones. If you visit service reporting websites like down detector or other websites, then you will get to know that a lot of users have reported this issue.

Below-mentioned is some of their queries. 

  • Why can't open my AOL mail account on my Android phone?
  • AOL mail keeps displaying synchronization or authentication errors. 
  • AOL Mail is not working. 
  • Why can't my device connect to AOL mail? 

In case you are encountering any problems, then you can get them fixed by applying different tricks mentioned in this article. 

Why is My AOL Mail not Working on My Android Device?

In various cases, AOL mail does not work on Android devices because of the wrong email configuration. Therefore, you must check the user details properly. Other than that, there are various reasons like:

  • The app is crashing
  • The app is full of cache
  • The account is not configured properly. 
  • The internet is not working properly.

Why is my AOL Mail not Working on my Android Phone?

AOL mail does not work on Android devices because of the wrong mail configuration. Therefore, it is important for you to configure the user details first. Apart from that, we have mentioned some other reasons responsible for this problem. 

  • Internet not working on Android phone
  • The app is crashing
  • The app cache is full
  • The account isn't configured properly
  • To fix this problem, you need to make some changes to the mail app and device. After that, your email service will start working properly. 

How can I Fix the Problem of AOL Mail not Working on Android Phones?

When AOL stops working on Android devices, it is important for you to check the service status. Hence, it is important for you to check that AOL services are working properly from the backend.

In case the services are running properly but you are still encountering such errors on the display, then you must remove and re-add your account. 

1) Check Your Internet Connection

When you are not able to connect your Android devices to the AOL mail server, you must check your internet connection. There is a high possibility that you are encountering this problem because of an unstable internet connection.

If you have a stable connection and you are still encountering this problem, then try switching your network. If you are using Wi-Fi, then try to connect to mobile data. 

2) Remove and Re-add Your Email Account

If your AOL mail stops working suddenly, then you can fix your problem by removing and re-adding your email account. This problem usually occurs because of wrong email credentials.

Maybe you aren't able to sign in because you entered the wrong password. In such a case, you must remove your AOL mail account and re-add it using valid account information.

Below are the steps that you need to follow to remove and re-add your account. 

Step 1: Unlock your Android device. 

Step 2: Launch Settings. 

Step 3: Select Users and Accounts. 

Step 4: After that, tap on the AOL option. 

Step 5: Swipe up and then select the Delete account option. 

Step 6: If you see any pop-up message appearing before you, then select Yes or Delete option. 

Step 7: After that, restart your android device. 

Step 8: Return to Settings and then go to users and accounts. 

Step 9: Choose AOL mail service from your list. 

Step 10: Type in your email address and password. 

Step 11: After that, tap on the sign-in option. 

3) Force Quit AOL Mail App 

When your AOL mail app suddenly stops responding on your Android device, you must force close your mail app. 

Step 1: Open Settings. 

Step 2: Search for the apps, applications, or manage applications. Once you find it, select it. 

Step 3: Select the AOL mail app from the list. 

Step 4: After that, choose the Force Quit option. 

After that, restart your Android device and then relaunch your Android app. This will help you fix AOL mail not working on Android phone problem. 

4) Clear the AOL App Cache

Below are the simple steps, that you need to follow to clear your AOL app cache. Sometimes the app does not work because of the cache problem. Therefore, you need to delete the app data and cache. After that, you must try to reassess your mail account. 

Step 1: Visit Settings. 

Step 2: Select apps, applications, manage the app, or application manager. 

Step 3: Choose the AOL app from the list. 

Step 4: Select the storage usage or manage data option. 

Step 5: After that, choose the clear data or clear cache button.

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Fix AOL Mail Not Working:

AOL providers were the first ones to take advantage of the internet arrivals in the initial years of 1990 that would bring the web back to home in the early days of 1990's. This is the time when modem companies didn't even exist.

The AOL mail program came into existence in the year 1993. A lot of people experience AOL mail not working issues. Below, we have mentioned some reasons why people experience this AOL mail not working issue. So, let's get started. 

Why do People Experience AOL Issues?

Some problems are inherent and appear at the time using webmail programs. Troubleshooting these issues can help you resolve your problem. The common problems leading to AOL issues are mentioned below. 

Poor Internet Connection

You always need some network in order to send and receive emails. Sometimes poor internet connection becomes the cause of your problem. Try using other websites and complete the diagnostics of your operating system. This will help you know whether the AOL Mail not working problem is appearing because of the AOL mail or the internet. 

Outdated Operating System or Web Browser

Software updates may look repetitive but are extremely important to ensure that all the apps work properly. As browsers and OS release updates, the apps that rely on such updates start to experience issues. 

Mail Server Outages 

If there is no problem with your internet, then that means the problem lies at the email's end. There is a chance that the issue is appearing because there is a server issue. This mail service is particularly known for email outages as they happen quite frequently. 

Wrong Mail Account Settings

AOL Mail has its own configuration options for every mail account. Account settings errors like SMTP port errors and mistype errors can lead to connectivity issues between the email service and inbox. 

How can I Resolve General AOL Issues?

There are some common issues that users experience while using AOL mail. Below, we have mentioned some troubleshooting solutions that you need to apply to resolve AOL Mail not working issues. You can find these settings under Options and then go to Mail Settings. You can find this directly below the username in the upper-right corner. 

1) Check Email Filters 

Using filters you can separate emails into folders as per specified keywords. This also means that a crossover may occur from new emails that have the same terms. There is a chance that the email you are looking for has been sent to some other folder accidentally. 

2) Check Junk Folders

The SPAM folder is the folder that contains all suspicious as well as unwarranted emails. The unwanted emails are sent to such folders automatically. However, this automation feature has a drawback.

It sends new emails into spam as per its own criteria. You can unmark and mark emails as SPAM and then send them to the SPAM folder. This way, you will be able to receive all the new emails in the inbox folder. This way, you can fix your AOL Mail not working issue. 

3) Check Blacklist

The blacklist feature of AOL mail can be found under the settings of blocked senders. In case you are not getting emails from the senders, then check the screen of "Block Senders" to ensure that the address is not there. 

4) Check the Settings of Your Server

External programs handle IMAP and POP settings of AOL Mail. These are the email clients that connect to the webmail server. Email reception issues can appear because of complex problems like outdated connection methods or simple problems like typo errors. 

How can I Fix Problems with Retrieving Emails? 

1) Clear the Cache of Your Browser

Clearing the cache and browsing history is one of the key web troubleshooting techniques. It is the same as a soft reset. This is when you are required to remove the temporary files and enable your browser to replace them whenever required.

This can easily be done if you go to the More Menu in your Chrome browser. Moreover, you need to go to More Tools and then finally select Clear browsing data. This will remove the settings and passwords from some websites that store information temporarily. 

2) Check the Firewall 

Inbuilt firewalls aren't actually an issue with the webmail apps. However, firewalls have their own rules. You are required to add an exception of AOL in order to make it work properly. This method can surely help you fix AOL Mail not working problem. 

3) Turn Off the Protected Mode in Your Internet Explorer

The protected mode of Internet Explorer works as antivirus software, which protects your system from malicious attacks. This can also cause browser issues like webmail malfunctioning. Therefore, turning it off becomes an easy solution.

For this, you just have to go to the Tools Menu and then Advanced Tab on your Internet Explorer. After that, you must uncheck the enhanced protected mode. 

4) Reset Browser Settings

In case you have tried every other solution but still encountering an issue, then you can try to fix your problem by resetting your browser. There is a chance that external factors like cookies and extensions are causing a problem. 

So, these are the ways to fix AOL Mail not working problem.

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