Question - Step-By-Step Guide to magicJack Setup?

Hello, please let me know that how to Setup Guide to login. If you have any idea about that then please give us.

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MagicJack is a home phone VoIP system that has enabled people for many years to call and communicate with their friends and family from all across the world. MagicJack is the newest edition of MagicJack, published by VocalTec, LTD.

Overview of Installation

You now have two ways to register and get your magicJack Go system running. You can connect the computer to your PC or use the website effectively, connect the device to your PC's USB drive and use it.

If you need to avoid installing magicJack software on your PC, we suggest the website method. So it helps you have the entire system set up for use by a computer and visit the website to complete registration and installation. It would be best if you use the software for installation to use a computer.

If you have no ideas how to install a new MagicJack system via your website at It is the article for you; I hope this step-by-step guide will work for almost every new magicJack Setup device!

How do You Setup MagicJack?

How to connect high-speed network:

Step 1: The first step is to connect the provided Ethernet cord into a socket named "INTERNET."

Step 2: Then plug your device into the "PHONE" port on your magic USB jack.

Step 3: The power adapter has been connecting to your magic USB port.

Step 4: Now, attach your magic Jack USB into a power socket.

Step 5: Open the device, tablet, or mobile you now use at the time and visit

You can now follow the on-screen guidelines for registering with Customer (Your) Information Data or have already registered to log into your existing account. It gives the options for selecting a number during the application process below.

Note: Your computer, tablet, or smartphone must be linked to the same network setup-with-computer to complete the magic Jack USB registration process.

Connect MagicJack with Your Computer:

Step 1: The first step is to connect your smartphone to the "PHONE" port on your magicJack and Connecting to the USB Extension enabled by your magicJack.

Step 2: Second Connect your magicJack to your computer USB port.

Step 3: You can now see a 'Start to Click this Button' button with an auto-play menu bar. Click this start button for the installation process.

But if you don't see the auto-play dialogue box on your Windows screen, you can click the Windows+E keyboard second to open the file explorer. Find the "magicJack" options under the CD/DVD section and run "autorun.exe" on your computer.

Step 4: Now visit the website on your device or choose the "Click here to register" choice at the bottom of the dial pad windows.

And the last process is to follow directions so you can log in to an existing account by looking at the registration screen with your personal information or whether you already have an existing account.

It has been rebuilt completely; it has an all-new quality that makes it an update from the past. Not only does the magicJack come with an improved physical design, but it also has a powerful speed, enabling smoother calls than ever now.

You, Will, purchase it for $59.95, and it includes the computer at this rate. It also offers unlimited long-distance and local calls for 12 months. Many of magicJack registration problems have been eliminated with the latest MagicJack installation application.


Your MagicJack setup should be completely functioning right now. It may seem long and windy, but this guide has been planned to assist you from start to end, and it takes very little time for each move. It was developed to ensure that you're using your computer quickly and effectively.

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