How to Fix Gmail App Keeps Crashing Problem?

Is there anyone who knows about how to fix Gmail App keeps crashing problem. I am facing some issues while using gmail. It's crashing after login. Help me.

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Fix Gmail App Keeps Crashing Problem:

As much as the application is updated regularly, there are certain bugs in the update because of which the Gmail App keeps Crashing. You might have seen many other applications crash on your mobile or stop responding on your PC or laptop. Gmail also stops responding and there’s nothing to worry about. 

There are a few solutions available to fix your Gmail keeps Crashing problem. A few solutions are listed down below. Make sure you check at least two of them out. 

But before we get to the solutions, let’s understand why the Gmail App keeps Crashing. 

  • The cache on your device could be corrupted. 
  • Unstable or poor internet connection. 
  • Outdated version of Gmail.
  • Unfavorable Gmail settings. 
  • Even an enabled dark theme can cause the Gmail app to crash. 

Now Let’s Look at the Solutions for Gmail Keeps Stopping Issue.
1. Clear Cache and Data within Gmail App:

One reason behind the Gmail app crashing could be the cache and data that’s been collected and stored over time. A lot of unused data can cause the application to become unstable and crash multiple times.

So if your Gmail App keeps Crashing, the first thing to do as an SOS is to clear the data as well as the cache

To Clear Cache and Data from Your Gmail App on Your Android, Follow the Steps Below;

  • Go to Settings, click on Apps, and then on Gmail. 
  • Select Storage and under that click on the option.
  • Clear all Data and Clear all Cache on Gmail

  • Once done Restart your device. 

2. Uninstall the Gmail Application:

A faulty update can also be the reason behind why your Gmail keeps crashing. In such cases, the easiest fix that you can try is to uninstall the Gmail application and re-install it.

The best thing about this method is that you won’t lose any data or information. In addition to this by reinstalling the Gmail app, the servers will get updated automatically. 

3. Sign-in and Sign-Out:

Another solution to fix your Gmail app crash is by signing out from all Gmail accounts. Sign back in after a while and see if the issue has stopped occurring. To sign out from the Google Account;

  • Head to the settings option
  • Select the Accounts and Sync option
  • Under the Accounts and Sync option, click on Google. 

  • At the bottom, you will find the option to Remove Account, click on that and you will be signed out from your Gmail account. 
  • To sign in you can simply head to your Gmail application and sign in as usual. 

Gmail, the email service that Google provides, is one of the most downloaded and used applications on both computers as well as mobiles. There’s hardly any person who wouldn’t have the Gmail application downloaded on their mobile phone. The email service that Google provides is amongst the many other services.

Moreover, the best part is that Gmail has become a part of our lives. No matter how many mailing services we try, we come back to Gmail only. Catering to a wide audience and a user-friendly interface makes it popular.

These methods should fix your Gmail account from crashing.

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8 Solutions for Gmail App Crashing:

The Gmail app works well in most cases. However, there may be bugs in the app or in your phone's software that cause it to crash or stop responding. Fortunately, whether on iOS or Android, the problem is very simple to resolve.

This guide will walk you through the possible causes of the Gmail app crashing and what you should do to resolve the problem.

Before we get into how to fix the Gmail app when it keeps crashing, let's look at why this happens. Here are the most common:

  • Minor software flaws in the Gmail app
  • Corrupted local cache files on the phone
  • A dated Gmail app
  • An out-of-date version of Android

Below Mentioned are Few 8 Quick Fixes:-

1. Restart Your Phone to Resolve Minor Gmail App Issues

This resolves many minor issues with the phone. If the Gmail app crashes due to these minor issues, rebooting is a surefire way to resolve the problem.

  • To restart most Android phones, press and hold the Power button on the phone and then tap Restart on the phone screen.
  • When the phone restarts, launch Gmail, and it should work fine.

2. Stop the Gmail App from Crashing by Uninstalling App Updates

While updates are supposed to fix existing issues and add new features, they can also be the source of a variety of problems.

  • Select Uninstall updates from the three dots in the top-right corner of the Gmail page.
  • To remove the Gmail app updates, select OK in the prompt.
  • Open the Gmail app after the updates have been uninstalled to see if your problem has been resolved.

3. Clear the Gmail App's Data and Cache to Resolve Crash Issues

Clearing your app's data and cache files is one way to resolve most problems with Android apps. These files are frequently the source of problems, and deleting them should keep Gmail from crashing on your phone.

4. Clean Up Your Phone's Storage to Avoid Gmail Crashes

Gmail occasionally crashes because it cannot find enough space on your phone to store temporary files. This usually happens when you run out of storage space on your device. One solution is to clean up your phone's storage by deleting unnecessary files.

5. Turn Off Dark Mode in Gmail.

While the dark mode isn't directly related to the Gmail app's crash issues, turning it off in the Gmail app may help.

6. Android System WebView on Your Phone Must Be Updated

When you experience Gmail or other app crashes, make sure your phone's Android System WebView service is up to date.

To keep that service up to date:

  • Open the Google Play Store.
  • Tap the search box, type Android System WebView, and then click the first result in the list.
  • To install the most recent update, go to the app's page and tap Update.

7. Re-register Your Google Account on Your Phone

If the Gmail app continues to crash despite your efforts, it may be worthwhile to remove your Google account from the app and then re-add the account. This will force the app to restart, which may resolve your issue.

  • Open the Settings app on your phone.
  • Tap Accounts, then select your Google account.
  • On the account page, click Remove account.
  • To confirm your selection, select Remove account in the prompt that appears.

8. Prevent the Gmail App from Crashing on Your Phone

Gmail is generally reliable, but it is not without flaws. These problems can sometimes affect your professional life if Gmail happens to be your primary email client.

Fortunately, using the methods outlined above, you should be able to repair Gmail so that it no longer crashes.

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