How to Fix the Oculus Quest Black Screen of Death?

While using the Oculus Quest black screen of death, certain users may suffer a black screen of death. This issue appears as a black screen that is either completely dark or illuminated but has nothing on it. The Oculus logo may appear before the blank screen appears in certain circumstances. The black screen of death can be caused by a variety of difficulties, involving dead batteries, blocked updates, corrupt firmware, and sometimes even hardware problems.

Oculus Quest Black Screen of Death Causes

The Oculus Quest's black Screen demise may be because of a whole lot of difficulties.

The headset may not turn on if the batteries are dead or do not have a suitable amount of charge. A blank screen might also be caused by stuck and interrupted firmware upgrades. For instance, if your Oculus password has updated and you can no longer log in, it may become delayed updating, resulting in the black screen of death. A similar black screen problem might occur if the firmware is corrupted or even the hardware is broken. 

How to Fix the Black Screen of Death on Oculus Quest

Consider these ways to solve your black screen and also get your Oculus running once more:

Step1. Make sure the headset is charged. If the headset isn't charged, you'll just see a blank screen. Connect the headset to a USB charger that is suitable for it and leave it alone for a bit. If that doesn't appear to be charging, switch chargers or double-check that you're using a suitable charger. Charging with a lower amperage charger will take longer because the Oculus charger provides 2A.

Step2. Attempt to open the Oculus menu. Try pushing the menu button on your left controller and the Oculus button on your right controller when the screen is blank. If you can see the menu now, try opening an app to check if the black screen problem has been resolved.

Step3. Look into the Oculus app. If that doesn't log you in immediately, open the Oculus app on your phone then log in. Verify to see if the app recognizes your headset and afterward try playing a game from within the app. Put your headset on even after starting the game to see if the black screen issue has been resolved.

Step4. Keep the headset plugged in or on. If you've attempted charging the headset and still have a black screen, then you're confident you have used a suitable charger, probably wait 30 minutes. If the headset is trying to update, keeping it plugged in for a few minutes may enable it to complete the update and resume normal performance.

Step5. Make sure the proximity sensor is working. In your headset, a small proximity sensor is situated here between lenses. To see whether the black screen leaves, cover the sensor with your thumb. If that doesn't work, use a dry soft cloth to wipe the sensor.

Step6. Restart your computer completely. If the power button causes the screen to go black, press or hold the power button for at least 10 seconds. Pressing down the power button causes a hard reboot of an Oculus Quest, which can fix a variety of difficulties such as the black screen of death.

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