How to Install Exodus on Roku and Watch Free Movies??

A well-liked cord-cutting streaming device is the Roku stick. It offers a premium subscription service, which is one of the biggest drawbacks. It is impossible to jailbreak a Roku device, even if you try. So, a separate program is needed if you want to watch free new movies on a Roku.

Kodi is really important in this situation. With the aid of third-party addons like exodus, Kodi does a great job of providing everything for free. You may watch free new movies, TV series, and much more when you install exodus on Roku devices. Installing Kodi on Roku is a prerequisite for getting Exodus on the streaming device.

One of the most downloaded Kodi addons is called Exodus. You can stream all of your favorite films, TV series, and TV channels for free using this. You can install the videos you are watching with this addon, which is another key function. You can watch movies and TV shows on your TV once we've downloaded exodus on Roku.

How do I Use Kodi to Install Exodus on Roku?

Step 1: On your computer, open Kodi. Your home screen looks like the illustration below. Simply select the settings icon on the home screen.

Step 2: On the following screen, click File Manager.

Step 3: In order to add the repository file, click Add source.

Step 4: The dialog box appears on the following screen. Simply select None twice.

Step 5: The repository's path must be added here. Simply enter "" exactly as it appears on the screen. Your path won't be added if you make any mistakes, which will result in errors.

Step 6: Give the repository file the name you choose now. Here, I decided to call it "kodistuff." You are free to select any name you want.

Step 7: Click the ESC key to return to the home screen at this point. Select Add-ons from the menu that appears on the left side of the screen.

Step 8: You can now tap on the icon that looks like an unzipper in the top left corner of the screen.

Step 9: To install the necessary zip file, select Install from Zip File.

Step 10: If you choose to download the add-on from unidentified sources, a pop-up window will ask you to do so. To enable it, click on settings.

Step 11: Set Unknown sources to on. Next, click Esc. You'll reach the previous page by doing this. To continue, select Install from Zip File.

Step 12: Select the Kodi stuff file that I previously saved.

Step 13: Select, the necessary repository, and then touch "ok."

Step 14: You will receive a notification that the Smash repository is downloaded and available to use once the zip file has been downloaded.

How do I Use Exodus on Roku to Watch Movies and TV Episodes for Nothing?

In conclusion, we have seen how to download the necessary files for Exodus to be installed on Roku. The repository that includes the Add-on can now be installed by tapping on Install from the repository.

Step 1: Numerous add-ons are accessible on your machine. On the Smash repository, click twice.

Step 2: Go to the video addons section of the smash GitHub. You can view the list of the available add-ons to watch a variety of video types whenever you enter the video add-ons tab. Tap on it since we are looking at Exodus.

Step 3: When you first launch Exodus, an installation button will be located at the bottom of the window. To begin the setup process, only tap on it.

Step 4: You will receive a notification once it has been set up and is prepared for usage. then select Exodus once more. The bottom open button is now visible. Simply tap it to launch the add-on.

Step 5: Once you open it, you can see movies, TV series, channels, and folders like "my movies," "my TV shows," and you may add your favorite movies and TV shows to these. Let's look at how to watch TV programmes as an example. Then select TV programmes.

Step 6: You can view a number of categories here, including genres, networks, languages, certificates, people watching, most popular, and many more. Choose one by clicking on it. I decided to start with the most well-liked area.

Step 7: The most well-known English television programmes, like Game of Thrones, GLOW, Orange is the new black, Fear the Walking Dead, and many others can be found right here. Simply select one of them to begin streaming.

Now that it's almost over, To watch Exodus on Roku, all you need to do is screen mirror your device to the streaming device.

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