What is a CMOS Battery? How to Remove and Replace One in a Laptop

Is there anyone who knows about what is a CMOS battery and how to remove and replace one in a laptop. I am facing some issues while doing this. Help me.

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CMOS Battery- How to Remove and Replace One in a Laptop:

Have a defunct CMOS battery in your laptop that is hindering your laptop’s performance? No need to worry too much about it as your CMOS battery can be removed and replaced conveniently.

This has become possible as today laptops come with a unique functionality wherein the malfunctioning component can be replaced easily without having any need to buy a new laptop.

Guys, I also had to remove and replace the CMOS battery in my laptop recently after my laptop started malfunctioning due to the defunct CMOS battery. So here is a quick user-friendly guide that takes you through the entire procedure as to how to remove and replace one in a laptop.

How to Figure Out That the CMOS Battery has Failed-

The indications that the CMOS battery has failed are as follows:

1 - The Laptop has Difficulty Booting Up -

BIOS is predominantly responsible for booting your laptop which in case of a battery failure may not allow the laptop to boot at all.

2 - A Constant beep Noise is Coming from the Laptop -

A persistent beep sound is generally observed to be coming from your laptop as a strong indication of a battery failure.

3 - The Date and Time have Changed -

BIOS and CMOS take care of the date and time settings even when the laptop is turned off. So, if you notice that your laptop’s date and time have undergone an automatic reset, it might actually be indicating a case of defunct battery.

4 - Peripheral Devices have Become Unresponsive -

If your peripheral devices are not performing well or if your peripheral devices have not been responding, it may make a strong case for the CMOS battery going defunct. 

5 - Hardware Devices have Become Invisible -

A CMOS failure may actually cause your hardware devices to become non-functional or invisible thereby obstructing you to operate devices like printers, scanners, etc.

6 - Hindrances Emanating While Connecting to the Internet -

Since connecting internet requires perfect date and time settings, a non-functional CMOS may also prevent you from connecting to the internet

As and when the CMOS battery fails, BIOS will shut down operations and get back to its default settings.

Removing and Replacing Your Laptop’s CMOS Battery

Step 1: Find a better workspace as working on a carpeted area may cause a charge to be developed on your laptop. A hard plastic-surfaced flat table is probably the best surface on which you can initiate the process of removing your laptop’s CMOS battery.

Step 2: You should disconnect all hardware and other peripheral devices before starting the battery-removal process.

Step 3: Remove the laptop casing by flipping the laptop cover and using screwdrivers to open the casing of the laptop.

Step 4: If you don’t want your laptop to turn on then remove the long and heavy battery.

Step 5: When you have removed the battery, you can now see the motherboard. Now trace the CMOS battery which is round in shape and shiny in appearance and is fitted into a holding socket.

Just slide your CMOS battery out of the socket. But be careful while working around the motherboard area as it is undoubtedly the most critical component of your laptop.

Step 6: Now place the new CMOS battery in the same holding socket. Also, ensure that the CMOS battery is also placed in the right orientation.

Step 7: Now screw back the inner casings followed by placing the battery and keeping the exterior casing carefully.

Step 8: Now to test the laptop, just press the on/off button after connecting the cables. And, don’t worry if you find a mismatch in date and time settings or if you see the drivers missing as you can set the date and time and drivers in place subsequently.


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