How to Take a Screenshot on a Chromebook Laptop?

Is there anyone who knows about how to take a screenshot on a Chromebook laptop. I have no idea about that. Help me.

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Take a Screenshot on a Chromebook:

Want to capture the images that you see on your HP Chromebook, taking screenshots of such images and cool photos is perhaps the best way you can get this done. And, guess what’s even more interesting? Taking screenshots on your HP Chromebook has been made pretty easy by making available the innovative special-featured button in place of the F5 key.

As you can take the screenshots using your HP Chromebook in a variety of ways, here is presented a quick reference guide detailing different methods to actually get the most desired screenshots at ease.

Taking a Screenshot on a Chromebook Laptop

Step 1 - Press the CTRL + Show Windows button simultaneously. Please note that you can find the Show Windows button that has replaced the F5 button available in the case of normal keyboards. This special Show Windows key shows a rectangle followed by two vertical lines.

Step 2 - It becomes noteworthy that the files created as a result of screenshots taken get saved in the Images folder.

Capturing a Specific Area of a Screenshot on Your HP Chromebook Laptop

Step 1 - To capture a partial screenshot of the entire screen, simply press the CTRL+SHIFT+Show Windows button together.

Step 2 - Now you have to capture a specific area of the screen, and to get this done just wait for the screen to get dim and the pointer to convert to a cross-hair after following Step 1.

Step 3 - Now drag the cross-hair-like cursor to enclose a box. And lift your fingers to actually make a box of the selected area.

Step 4 - The captured image is saved in the Images folder under the Downloads folder.

Capturing Screenshots on Your HP Chromebook Tablets Using Buttons

Many tablets using Chrome OS may not have a keyboard to capture screenshots. But this is very well taken care of by additional functionality built-in in the tablets.

Step 1 - Jointly press the Power + Low Volume button.

Step 2 - The screen captures the displayed image and the screenshot gets saved.

Capturing Full Screenshots on Your HP Chromebook Tablets Using Stylus

Simply tap on Stylus followed by tapping on the Capture Screen option. As soon as you tap on this option, the screen gets captured.

Capturing Partial Screenshots on Your HP Chromebook Tablets Using Stylus

Step 1 - Just tap on Stylus and then tap on the Capture Region option.

Step 2 - Simply touch and hold to mark the starting point.

Step 3 - Drag the Stylus to the ultimate point thereby creating a rectangular or squared box.

Step 4 - Now release the Stylus to capture the screenshot.

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