How to Stop Laptop Fan from Running All the Time?

Please let me know that how to stop laptop fan from running all the time. I am facing fan issues on my laptop. Help me.

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Stop Laptop Fan from Running All the Time:

The laptop fan does form part of your laptop’s integrated cooling system but if multiple big software or applications are not operative on your laptop, your laptop fan may be unnecessarily running thereby consuming more energy and becoming a source of irritation either.

So, you just need to adhere to the following steps that entail changing your laptop’s settings or you can also resort to cleaning the laptop fan to actually stop the laptop fan from running all the time.

By Changing System Settings

Step 1 - Click on the Windows icon on the bottom left corner and open the Settings menu by clicking on the gear-shaped icon displayed on the Start menu.

Step 2 - Now go to System and then click on the Power and Sleep option. In the window that gets opened, just navigate below to find and click on the Additional Power Settings button.

Step 3 - Now in the pop-up box, just click on Change Plan Settings option

Step 4 - In the new dialogue box find the Change Advanced Power Settings button and click on it.

Step 5 - In the menu list trace the Processor Power Management and click on it.

Step 6 - Now click on System Cooling Policy and then click on the Active option which is already highlighted. Change it to Passive and click OK.

After executing all the sequential steps mentioned above, the laptop fan will not run all the time. Instead, the laptop fan is going to run only when needed.

By Cleaning up the Laptop Fan

If after following the steps above and finally turning the power status to Passive, the laptop is still running then to stop the laptop fan from running all the time, you need to clean up your laptop fan and its slot because the heat sink will probably be a dusty causing reduction in the laptop’s heat dissipation capacity.

Cleaning the heat sink gently will lead to a reduction in excessive heat accumulation thereby causing your laptop fan from running all the time.

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