How to Fix a Black Screen on Roku?

Please let me know that how to fix a black screen on Roku. I am facing some issue while using Roku streaming device, it goes under black screen while trying to open it. Help me.

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How to Fix a Black Screen on Roku (Complete Steps)

Roku black screen is an issue that appears because of software bugs. This technical issue can also arise because of a damaged or loose connection. Low-resolution ads can also cause black screen problems.

If you accidentally set an incompatible resolution on your Roku TV, then you may also face black screen problems. Sudden appearance of black screen of death can be because of a faulty remote as well. Dead batteries can also cause a black screen to occur.

If you are also bothered by this flickering black screen, then fret not. Here, we are available with different troubleshooting solutions that you can apply to fix a black screen on Roku.

How to Fix the Black Screen Issue on Roku?

Below mentioned are the simple steps that you can apply to fix the Roku black screen or flickering screen issues.

Step 1: Use the remote control to power on Roku TV.

Step 2: Press the Home button and keep on holding it.

Step 3: Now, quickly rewind and arrow fast.

Step 4: After that, wait for 10 seconds once you are done pressing the buttons. This will reboot your Roku TV.

Once the reboot is done and your Roku TV turns on again, then the Roku tv black screen issue won't occur again.

You can also Fix the Black Screen Issue by Applying the Alternate Method Given Below.

Step 1: Power off your TCL Roku TV.

Step 2: Disconnect it from the power source.

Step 3: Wait for the next 20 seconds.

Step 4: Reconnect the TCL Roku TV and then turn it on.

Why does Roku Display a Black Screen?

The Roku black screen issue can arise if the wires are loosely connected. Bad connectivity with other devices can also lead to this problem. When such an issue occurs, then you can fix the problem by connecting it to some other device.

Low power sources, wrecked cables, weak connectivity can also lead to the Roku home screen black problem. This issue can also arise if the software is not updated. Whatever may the reason be, the black screen problem can easily be fixed by applying simple solutions.

Whenever a completely Roku black screen is displayed, then that can be because of loose connections. You can easily resolve this issue by properly fixing the cables. In case the menu bar is appearing on the screen, then that means the issue lies elsewhere. Input signal issues can also be one of the issues leading to this problem.

There is a chance that the roku showing black screen issue is occurring because of the resolution problem. If you are able to hear the sound along with the black screen, then that means the error is arising because of the resolution issue.

You can easily resolve this issue by switching the resolution to high power. The Roku screen goes black error can also show up if the running power is incompatible with your device.

By doing so, your Roku home screen black issue will be resolved in no time.

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Fix a Black Screen on Roku:

A black screen on the Roku issue can appear because of a wrong input selection or a loose cable. Below are the different solutions that you can apply to fix the black screen on the Roku issue. Usually, the black screen issue appears on Roku because of the TV or the device.

Sometimes, it becomes difficult to determine which one out of these two is leading to the black screen problem. If the screen is working properly but you only see a black screen while using Roku, then that means the problem is related to Roku.

How can I Fix the Roku Black Screen Error?

In order to resolve the Roku black screen error, you need to apply the different troubleshooting solutions stated below. First, you should start with the easy-to-apply solutions and then you can move to the more complicated ones. So, let's get started. 

1) Restart Your Roku

One of the best and easiest ways to fix the Roku black screen issues is to restart your Roku. All you have to do is to disconnect the power wire and then reconnect it. If you have a TV that has Roku on the inside, then you need to turn it off and then turn it on again. 

2) Check the Cable Connection

Go to the back of your TV and you need to make sure that the cables that are used by Roku are properly connected. First of all, you are required to press the device into the video port and then make sure that the power wire is in the right place. For a better connection, you need to connect your power wire to the power source using a power adapter that has Roku. 

3) Check that the Input Used is Right

Please make sure that your TV is n the right input. Also, check that Roku is attached to video ports on your TV and in order to use it, you need to direct it to the right source through the source or input button.

Usually, you will see input options like HDMI 1 and HDMI 2. If required, then you can cycle through them. Wait for a few seconds and then the Roku logo will appear on your screen. 

4) Reset Your Roku 

Another solution to fix your black screen problem is to reset your device. You can also press the Home button on your remote.  After that, you need to go to Settings, system, Advanced system settings and then finally click on factory reset.

This is going to restore your software to factory default settings and resolve your black screen problem. If you still see a black screen, then you can perform a hard reset to fix your problem. 

5) Troubleshoot Your HDMI Connection 

There is a chance that you are experiencing black screen issues because of HDMI connection issues. In case you see other ports on the back of your TV, then you can try connecting your Roku to one of the other ports.

There is a chance that one of the connectors are not working, therefore you should try other ports. If using different ports does not work, then that means your cable is faulty, which is leading to the connection problem. 

6) Try Re-Installing a Non-Working Channel 

One of the best ways to fix your problem is to reinstall the non-working channel. If you find that the YouTube channel is not working on your Roku, then you can fix your problem by deleting the app and then reinstalling it. 

7) Try Using a Different TV

There is a chance that your problem is appearing because of the TV you are using. In order to fix your problem, you should try using your Roku on your TV. If this is not working, then your Roku needs to be replaced. If Roku works on another TV, then that means the problems lied in the TV only.

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