How to Check CPU Temperature Windows 11?

Mick Jone
Windows 24 Apr, 2024

If you wish to check the temperature of your CPU on Windows 11 without third-party tool, then open BIOS and then search [...]

How to Record Your Screen on Windows 11

Mick Jone
Windows 27 Jan, 2024

By default, Xbox Game Bar is included with Windows 11. The Xbox Game Bar has multiple settings you can change, but for t [...]

How to Fix Icons in Windows 11

Mick Jone
Windows 22 Jan, 2024

If your taskbar icons or desktop shortcuts have vanished, this article will show you how to restore them. Fix Icons in W [...]

How do I Fix Error Code 0x80070570 on Windows 10

Mick Jone
Windows 19 Jan, 2024

There are frequent Windows issues, and Windows 10 is no exception. Today, we're going to fix a specific problem called 0 [...]

How to Make the Copyright Symbol on a Mac or Windows Computer

Mick Jone
Windows 18 Jan, 2024

On a Windows computer, use the numerical keypad to create the copyright logo/symbol. Alt+0169 is the Alt code keyboard s [...]

Fix Touchpad Gestures Are Not Working on Windows 11

Mick Jone
Windows 17 Jan, 2024

A touchpad and trackpad is now customized surface that can detect the motion and location of your fingers on your operat [...]

How to Fix the WHEA Uncorrectable Error on Windows 10

Mick Jone
Windows 16 Jan, 2024

The WHEA Uncorrectable Error is a common issue that can occur on Windows 10, resulting in a Blue Screen of Death (BSOD) [...]

How to Install ADB on Windows, macOS

Mick Jone
Windows 14 Jan, 2024

Here is a very peculiar feature in the form of Android Debug Bridge (ADB) that can enable accessing the hidden features [...]

How to Reset Sound Settings on Windows 11

Mick Jone
Windows 11 Jan, 2024

It released a lot of new and enhanced features for Windows 11 users. You can experience a higher level of sound overall [...]

How to Create Folders Using Keyboard Shortcuts in Windows 10

Mick Jone
Windows 7 Jan, 2024

We all stick to our computers for 9 hours during our work shifts and work becomes never ending when you have to do every [...]

How to Disable Microsoft Defender Antivirus on Windows 11

Mick Jone
Windows 6 Jan, 2024

The default anti-malware programme included with Windows 11 is Microsoft Defender Antivirus, which guards your computer [...]

How to Restore System Files on Windows 10

Mick Jone
Windows 4 Jan, 2024

If you are a Windows user and you are facing problems with system files, then that may be happening because your compute [...]

How to Fix Windows 11 Settings App Crashing Issue

Mick Jone
Windows 26 Dec, 2023

The Windows 11 Settings App Crashing Issue happened when users attempt to open it, according to many customers. The Conf [...]

AOL Mail not Syncing with Windows 10/11 Mail App ? Fix It

Mick Jone
Windows 10 Dec, 2023

Using AOL mail is definitely a better experience as regards facilitating fast and frequent official or personal communic [...]

5 Ways To Get Customer's Attention For Better Business Growth With Push Notifications

Mick Jone
Windows 8 Dec, 2023

Push notifications are one of the effective ways to grab customers' attention. You need to know the perfect strategies. [...]

How to Update Minecraft Windows 10 Edition

Mick Jone
Windows 7 Dec, 2023

Minecraft is a popular game across the globe. Developers are releasing new editions. Generally, the game updates on its [...]

How to Remove Windows Detected ZEUS Virus Alerts

Mick Jone
Windows 5 Dec, 2023

Zeus virus has been observed to have threatened the entire computer-based user fraternity of late to deal which the user [...]

How to Open Device Manager

Mick Jone
Windows 30 Nov, 2023

Do you wish to know what is the use of Device manager and how you can open it? If yes, then here you will learn how to a [...]

How to Create a Movie and TV Show Watchlist Using Google Search

Mick Jone
Windows 29 Nov, 2023

Nothing is more relaxing and fun than watching movies on weekends in our sweet home. If you are using Google, then you c [...]

How to Enable Secure Boot to Install Windows 11

Mick Jone
Windows 26 Nov, 2023

The UEFI/BIOS provides the simplest method for turning on Secure Boot. You can enable secure boot to install windows 11 [...]

Password Protect a Folder in Windows 10 Fix It

Mick Jone
Windows 25 Nov, 2023

Everyone has digital documents they want to keep private from the public, but not everyone is aware of how to password p [...]

How to Use Excel to Find the Mean, Median & Mode Ranges

Mick Jone
Windows 24 Nov, 2023

Microsoft Excel 2010 is the best program if you really need to conduct any numerical analysis, including computing the m [...]

How to Fix No WiFi Networks Found on Windows 10

Mick Jone
Windows 21 Nov, 2023

Are you trying to connect to your WiFi network on a Windows 10 laptop but are having trouble? Have all of your prior WiF [...]

How to Get Microsoft Word to Stop Deleting as You Type

Mick Jone
Windows 19 Nov, 2023

The insert mode and the overtype mode are the 2 distinct typing modes available on computers. The former is the default [...]

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