How to Delete Cookies in Every Major Browser?

Mick Jone
Browser 27 Jul, 2023

Based on the web browser, different actions are required to delete cookies. Here are some guides to delete cookies in ev [...]

How to Fix Msxml4.dll Not Found or Missing Errors?

Mick Jone
Browser 25 Jul, 2023

Errors concerning msxml4.dll are caused by situations in which the msxml4 DLL file is deleted or corrupted. Occasionally [...]

How to Remove Bing From Windows 11?

Mick Jone
Browser 24 Jul, 2023

A handful of our readers have a choice between keeping Bing in Windows 11 and removing it. Although many users consider [...]

7 Safari ad Blockers to Try Right Away?

Mick Jone
Browser 23 Jul, 2023

Are you fed up with seeing ads whenever you use the Safari browser? Well, you are not alone.  Ads can interrupt your [...]

How to Show Passwords in Chrome?

Mick Jone
Browser 21 Jul, 2023

The desktop and mobile versions of Google Chrome for all operating systems are covered in this article's instructions on [...]

Chrome Keeps Flickering in Windows 11: Fix It?

Mick Jone
Browser 16 Jul, 2023

Chrome is known for its impeccable performance but there may be occasions when you will observe that Chrome keeps flicke [...]

Bypass Failed Virus Detected Download Error in Chrome?

Mick Jone
Browser 14 Jul, 2023

When attempting to download a file from the internet, it's not uncommon to encounter an error message indicating that a [...]

How to Unblock Websites on Chrome?

Mick Jone
Browser 13 Jul, 2023

Google Chrome is one of the world's most popular web browsers. However, Google Chrome may deny access to the website you [...]

How to Turn on Incognito Mode in Your Browser?

Mick Jone
Browser 8 Jul, 2023

If you are searching for something on Google Chrome in incognito mode, then all your data does not get stored in the bro [...]

How to Resolve reCAPTCHA not Working in Any Browser?

Mick Jone
Browser 6 Jul, 2023

If you use the internet a lot, then you must be familiar with the Recaptcha box. This is actually a free service offered [...]

How to Disable JavaScript in Google Chrome?

Mick Jone
Browser 29 Jun, 2023

You may be willing to “disable JavaScript in Google Chrome” owing to a variety of reasons ranging from JavaScript co [...]

How to Fix Recaptcha not Working in Google Chrome?

Mick Jone
Browser 27 Jun, 2023

A lot of Chrome users face the problem of reCAPTCHA from the Chrome browser. Several users mentioned that the Recaptcha [...]

How to Fix Browser Does not Support HTML5 Video?

Mick Jone
Browser 18 Jun, 2023

Today, numerous videos are based on the HTML5 video format which may prompt users to have the latest browser installed o [...]

How to Open & Change Internet Options in Microsoft Edge?

Mick Jone
Browser 8 Jun, 2023

We will teach how to update Internet Options in Microsoft Edge because it operates slightly differently from Internet Ex [...]

Failed Virus Detected Download Error in Chrome?

Mick Jone
Browser 6 Jun, 2023

Did you ever encounter the problem of failed virus detected in Chrome while downloading a few files? Generally, it is no [...]

How to Fix Status_Access_Violation Error on Microsoft Edge?

Mick Jone
Browser 5 Jun, 2023

Read this article to learn more about the Status_Access_Violation error on Microsoft Edge and to find the entire solutio [...]

How to Resolve Twitch Browser Error 3000?

Mick Jone
Browser 5 Jun, 2023

Twitch error 3000 is increasingly been reported to suffer from Twitch browser error 3000 which is preventing all its use [...]

How to Easily Disable Download Panel Automatic Opening in Firefox?

Mick Jone
Browser 3 Jun, 2023

Last but not least, Mozilla Firefox gives users the option to turn off the automatic display of the download panel once [...]

What is Wave Browser? 10 Ways to Remove it (Windows, Mac)?

Mick Jone
Browser 2 Jun, 2023

A Wave Browser is basically categorized as a Potentially Unwanted Program (PUP) that can intrude into your computer and [...]

DuckDuckGo Not Working? Why & How to Fix it?

Mick Jone
Browser 1 Jun, 2023

The privacy and security of its users are prioritized by the search engine DuckDuckGo. It is among the most well-liked s [...]

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