How to Create a Movie and TV Show Watchlist Using Google Search?

Nothing is more relaxing and fun than watching movies on weekends in our sweet home. If you are using Google, then you can easily keep track of all the must-watch films. Recently, Google Search has rolled out the feature of "What to watch", which enables you to search for the latest movies and TV shows on different streaming platforms like Disney+, HBO Go, Amazon Prime, Hulu, and Netflix.

After you are done choosing the streaming service that you have subscribed to, then you must scroll through their popular and latest titles, and watch trailers and movies and shows. After that, you will be able to access it from your mobile browser. 

Create a Movie and TV Show Watchlist Using Google Search

It is very easy to start with the process, all you have to do is to log into your Google account on your Android or iOS smartphone and then search on "What to watch". Once you do that, you will see different rows of recommended TV shows and movies. This includes various genres such as sci-fi, romance, suspense, etc. 

The button of provider next to the top of the page will allow you to pick and choose your streaming video subscriptions and you will be able to add filters like "free", "Crime", "Funny", and "Movies". The free option is very useful if you wish to watch the free streaming titles on Amazon Prime. 

Tapping on the title will allow you to see different details such as runtime, release year, rating, IMDB, and other Metacritic scores. You can also watch the trailer or select the option of "Watch Now" or "Watched it" buttons. The third button allows you to add a title to the watchlist. 

In order to see your Google Search Watchlist, you are required to select the Watchlist tab on top of your screen. You can also do a Google Search on my watchlist if you like". 

If you want the watchlist to work, then it is important for you to sign into Google first. Also, Google's movies and TV show recommendations are based on the search history. The best way to turn off recommended video picks of Google is to turn off Google's Web and App activity settings. This can easily be done from Google's activity control screen on your Google account. 

This is how you create a movie and Tv shows watchlist using Google Search.

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