5 Ways To Get Customer's Attention For Better Business Growth With Push Notifications?

Push notifications are one of the effective ways to grab customers' attention. You need to know the perfect strategies. Read this blog and find your way!

Gaining customer attention is one of the complicated tasks for every marketer, especially when you see a pool filled with competition. However, push notifications have the power to work unconditionally and allows you to make the most out of it. But you're required to understand push notifications work and some right ways to implement them for amazing results. 

Users receive push notifications each day in bulk. Thus, there is no guarantee that users can read yours. So, it would be best to plan the right push alerts and React Native push notifications; they should be very relevant and personalized. This blog presents you with 5 ways to steal customers' attention with push alerts. 

But before that, understanding the basics makes good sense. Isn’t it? Let's get started!

What are Push Notifications?

Push notifications are simple but quite personalized messages that land straight over the home screen of the user's mobile. These can be called reminders, alerts, regular updates, etc. These boosted customer engagement, sales, and revenue of the business. 

Many companies are now using React Native Push Notifications to increase their visitors and sales. For instance, the Myglamm application sends push alerts to all their subscribed users regarding current offers or special deals so that they can retain their customers for a long time. 

How Do Push Notifications Work?

Push notifications are small pop-ups or short messages of 160 characters that are visible on the user's mobile screen. Here's how it works-

Push messages are sent to a Smartphone user by an app publisher using a service like Google cloud messaging or any third-party services. Users get these notifications based on their device settings. 

If users tap on the allow button or opt-in for push notifications when installing the app, users will get alerts and get each update from the app. These are pushed messages to the client. 

5 Ways To Boost Customer's Attention Using Push Notifications

Now you're pretty much aware of push notifications. It's time to dive in and get some proven tips that help you design effective push notification campaigns. Let's go!

1. Build a Strong Relationship With Your Customers

On Android devices, push notifications opt-in by default, while on iOS, users need to enable the alerts. The key point is to make sure your notifications are well-received and avoid default permission requests. 

If you find your customer is not familiar with your product, they would hate to receive any kind of messages from you. The reason behind this is your brand or company doesn't gain the trust yet. It is important to increase the brand value by asking for your customer's feedback, their interests, and so on before asking them to opt-in.

2. Choose The Right Push Notifications For Each Message

Push Notifications are simple text with the headline, CTAs, and settings button. There are numerous ways to incorporate the structure of push notifications. If they performed well, they could create a positive impact. This can reinforce the sense of positive sentiment when they click on the call to action. 

Now the question is- which type of push notification should you choose? Let us dive into a few classes and find the right one.

Reminders- It is a fantastic technique to encourage consumers to return to your website or app. For instance, there is a chance for a push notification reminder if your user's profile is incomplete. You may remind users to review the links they saved if they saved some stuff in your app. For instance, a job search app could prompt users to submit their applications for the entire job they have saved. 

Informational Alerts: Is your app going under maintenance? Is there any incredible deal for the customer? You can remind them or send alerts with informative alerts or push notifications.

Location-based Alerts: These are the most potent notifications implemented by most marketers. You can implement these notifications only if your app has GPS location from the user's phone. For instance, a travel app provides location-based services, so sending relevant content to an audience becomes engaging. 

Time-sensitive Offers- It is also an ideal way to send reminders to the audience regarding deals, promo offers, etc.

Product Recommendations: These notifications are most used by Upselling and cross-selling industries. For instance, if your customer bought a sweater, suggest they choose caps or other accessories to complete the look.

3. Select Easy Opt-in Options

Push notifications are permission-based and can be revoked anytime. So, make sure you make the process easy for users to unsubscribe or opt out. In this way, marketers can retain their customers and control which notifications they receive. Thus, you can target only interested prospects. Ensure the process is easy that boost their user experience of receiving messages by amending the notifications settings.

4. Audience Segmentation

Whether to segment an audience or not is a debated topic among marketers. Some believe segmenting the audience wastes time, while others have different notions. Depending on the evidence, the marketer's goal is only to present the right push notification to get the desired results. Thus, finding the right audience can work.

Simple! Knowing the right targeted audience can set the right notification for sending, thus getting the leads. So, segmenting the audience is beneficial. To do this, try these hints.

  • Age group
  • Demographics
  • Needs & wants
  • Write common and uncommon problems
  • Know General interests

Also, make sure your message is personalized depending on the type of push notifications you send. Audience segmentation allows you to send customized, relevant, and timely push notifications that better engagement and conversions.

5. Determine The Results

Like any campaign, it is crucial to measure the results. You can draw a chart for campaign outcomes, click rates, goals, etc. Also, you can calculate the performance of each notification by building unique IDs and URLs.

Final Takeaway

Using React Native push notifications in the right manner can help you achieve fantastic results – all you are required to follow the above 5 ways and track the user's status to get the most out of your efforts. We know that's not easy, but getting help from WonderPush can make the process easier. Just signup there and get in touch with experts.

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