How to Easily Disable Download Panel Automatic Opening in Firefox?

Last but not least, Mozilla Firefox gives users the option to turn off the automatic display of the download panel once they begin an install. Here's how to do that without having to delve into the about:config interface.

Mozilla made major changes to the downloading behaviour with the release of Firefox 98. Firefox no longer saves downloads by default to the temporary folder and now displays a download panel pop-up for each installation, to name a handful of changes. Here, we've discussed how to reverse download panel adjustments.

Although it is possible to prevent download panel visibility from being permanent by altering the about:config pref, the user will not find this method to be simple and intuitive to use. Following customer complaints and feedback, the business considered including a UI option in the download panel's right context menu. Firefox 102 has now been used to accomplish this.

Let's First Look at the about:config Function Before We Examine the Simple Option.

  • Type about:config in the address bar of a new tab.
  • Select "Accept the Risk or proceed" then check the box.
  • Write a browser or paste it into the search bar.
  • Download.alwaysOpenPanel
  • Tap the toggle symbol to set the preference to false within filtered results.

How to More Easily Disable the Firefox Download Panel

  • Launch the Firefox web browser.
  • After downloading a few files, perform a right-click on the toolbar's Downloads button as well as uncheck the box next to "Show Panel once Install Begins".
  • Done
  • This prevents Firefox from displaying the download panel, but the progress of any active downloads will still be shown as a ringed ring.
  • By selecting the downloads option, you may monitor ongoing and completed downloads at any moment.

The downloads button is hidden by default in Firefox unless you have already downloaded something; to make it always visible, right-click on the button and deselect "Hide button if Empty."

  • You can now set a temporary folder for downloads like before in Firefox in contrast to turning off the downloading panel and restoring the download prompt.
  • Check that Firefox is version 102 or later by going to about:config.
  • Agree to the warning
  • Toggle its pref setting to true by copying and pasting the Pref, downloads in tmp dir, into the search box.


Here's how to disable download panel automatic opening in Firefox. Now you've all the necessary information. For better understanding read this topic thoroughly.

  • Mick Jone
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  • Last Update: 5 months ago