How to Fix Recaptcha not Working in Google Chrome?

A lot of Chrome users face the problem of reCAPTCHA from the Chrome browser. Several users mentioned that the Recaptcha appears initially but once the user clicks on it, it disappears.

When you reload your webpage, affected users will receive a warning message that says "Your computer or network may be sending automated queries". 

What Leads to Recaptcha not Working Issue in Chrome?

A lot of reasons can lead to the problem of Recaptcha not working issue on Chrome. Some of the common problems that lead to Recaptcha not working issue are stated below. 

  • Malware infection
  • Corrupted Chrome browser profile
  • Proxy service or VPN not working well
  • Chrome not updated to the latest version
  • The IP address is a banned range

Solution 1: Update your Chrome Browser to the Latest Version 

There is a chance that you are facing this problem because of a patched Google Chrome bug. Additionally, you need to keep in mind that the most important requirement is to maintain the version of your browser. For this, you need to deactivate the software that is blocking the update process. 

Step 1: Launch your Google Chrome browser and then select the action button given at the upper-right corner. After that, go to Help and then select About Google Chrome. 

Step 2: After that, the next window will open up. Now, Chrome is going to perform a scan to check if the next version is available. If the next version is available, then you must install it. 

Step 3: Visit the reCaptcha window and check if your problem is fixed or not. 

If case you are still facing this problem, then apply the next solution. 

Solution 2: Make a New Chrome Browser Profile

Some users mentioned that their issue got resolved after making a new Chrome browser profile. This means a corrupted browser profile can cause this problem.

Below are the steps that you are required to follow for creating a new browser profile to fix Recaptcha not working in Chrome issue. 

Step 1: Close your Chrome browser. 

Step 2: Launch Windows explorer and then go to the location below and then press the Enter key. 

%LOCALAPPDATA%\Google\Chrome\User Data\

Step 3: Go to the User Data folder and then right-click on your default folder. After that, select Rename. Then again you need to rename it to Backup Default. This will create a new default folder of your Chrome browser, which will further help you create a new browser profile. 

Step 4: Launch your Google Chrome browser and force it to create a new profile. After that, go to the reCaptcha page and check if the issue is fixed or not.

  • Mick Jone
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  • Last Update: 5 months ago