How to Resolve reCAPTCHA not Working in Any Browser?

If you use the internet a lot, then you must be familiar with the Recaptcha box. This is actually a free service offered by Google that helps in mitigating attacks on websites. Often, when you check the reCAPTCHA box, you may have to solve some visual tests.

CAPTCHA and ReCAPTCHA work in a very similar manner and demand more input from you. It may even ask you to verify images, interpret text and solve a maths problem.  Websites use this service to stop automated bots. It stops fake users from creating accounts, making purchases, and viewing pages. 

Recently, a lot of users have reported the problem of Recaptcha not working in Google Chrome or any other browser. Sometimes, the reCAPTHA appears as usual.

However, when you click on it, it fades away and does not open. Whenever you load a webpage again, you see a warning sign stating that "Your computer or network is sending automatic queries, we are not able to process your request now". 

Why does reCAPTCHA Fail to Work in Windows 10?

You must be wondering what is leading to the problem of reCaptcha not working in Chrome problem. Well, there are multiple reasons responsible for that problem. Some of them are listed below. 

  • Banned IP address because of suspicious activity. 
  • The browser profile is corrupt 
  • Your computer is infected with malware. 
  • Your browser version is outdated.
  • Your proxy or VPN is interrupting the reCAPTCHA procedure.

How to Fix ReCAPTCHA not Working Issue in Firefox, Chrome, or Other Browsers?

Solution 1: Update Your Web Browser 

Irrespective of which browser you are using, you must keep your browser updated. It does not only enhance the security of your internet browser. but also improves the functionality of your web browser. Below, we have mentioned the steps to update different browsers. 

Steps to Update Google Chrome

Below are the steps that you are required to follow in order to update Google Chrome. 

Step 1: Open your browser and then go to the three-dot menu in the upper-right corner of your browser to see the settings of your browser. 

Step 2: Click on Help and then go to About Google Chrome to launch the Google Chrome page.

Step 3: After that, Chrome will check if any updates are available. If you find that the updates are available, then you can install them. 

Step 4: Then, the updates will get installed, and then the ReCAPTCHA not working issue will get fixed. 

Steps to Update Mozilla Firefox

Step 1: Double-click on the icon of Firefox to open your browser and then select the three lines given at the upper-right corner to launch the menu. 

Step 2: Select the Help option and then go to "About Firefox" The browser is going to check if there are any updates available. Now, Firefox will download and install the updates on the next restart. 

Steps to Update Microsoft Edge

Step 1: Open Microsoft Edge and then go to the main menu. 

Step 2: Go over to the mouse and then select the option of "About Microsoft Edge". 

Step 3: Microsoft Edge will automatically start a scan to check for available updates. The browser will automatically download and install the updates. 

Step 4: When you are done installing the updates, you must restart the Edge browser to complete the update procedure. 

Solution 2: Perform a Malware Scan 

Malicious files present on your system can harm it. These files enter your system when you download a malicious file from the internet. You may also see it through emails when you see infected images or links.

There are extensions, which are designed to hide malware threats like Trojans, browser hijackers and adware that get injected in your system without knowledge. Before you move further, you must scan your computer for malware to ensure that it is not causing any reCaptcha issues.

Below are the steps that you need to follow to scan the malware. 

Step 1: Select the Windows Security icon from the System Tray. In case it is not there, then you must check the option of Show hidden icons. You can also press the Windows logo key and then enter "Windows Security". After that, finally press the Enter key. 

Step 2: Open the option of "Virus and Threat protection" and then select the "Quick Scan" button. After that, a scan will be initiated to check for malware. If you wish to see more scan options, then select the link of Scan options and then select Scan. 

If Windows is detecting any threats, then you must quarantine them to analyze them and then remove them.

Solution 3: Reset Your IP Address 

In case the reCAPTCHA is still not working on your web browser, then that means there is some issue with your network. A few users mentioned that resetting the IP address has helped them in fixing the problem.

Below are the steps that you need to follow in order to reset the IP address. 

Step 1: Launch an elevated Command Prompt. To do that, you are required to press the Windows and R key simultaneously to launch the Run dialog box and then finally press Ctrl+Shift+Enter. 

Step 2: Now, the command prompt window will open up before you, type and paste the lines mentioned below and then press the Enter key after every each line.

  • netsh winsock reset
  • netsh int IP reset
  • ipconfig /release
  • ipconfig /renew
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