The Best Final Fantasy Games, Ranked from Best to Worst?

There is only one videogame franchise that has been popular since the year 1990 and that is Final Fantasy from Square Enix. The Final Fantasy game was debuted in the year 1987 on the Nintendo Entertainment System. However, they became cultural touchstones in the 1990's.

After that, the series gained huge success and made a jump to 3D on PlayStation 1. This includes the elimination of turn-based battles and MMO entries. Here, in this blog, we are going to talk about the best Final Fantasy games ranked from the best to the worst. 

Best Final Fantasy Games, Ranked from Best to Worst

1) Final Fantasy VI

Final Fantasy VI is the absolute best in every way. Originally, it was released as Final Fantasy 3 in North America. It has more than 12 characters that ushered in the steampunk-style world. This is the time when the Final Fantasy games became a legend.

The time when scientific advancements replaced magic. These games achieved a great level of narrative impact due to their setup. The initial half introduces the protagonists and the rest of the cast.

Also, the treasure hunter Locke cole wishes to take down the whole empire. The second half of the game had some revelations, enabling the players to complete the objectives. You can play this game on iOS, Android, and PC. 

2) Final Fantasy VIII

This one is probably the weirdest and bold entry in the whole franchise of Final Fantasy. This is the sole reason why it is ranked so high on the list. As it is a bit weird, it isn't able to match up to the level of  Final Fantasy VI. Now, a remastered version of Final Fantasy VIII is available on PC, Switch, Xbox One, and PS4. Final Fantasy VIII is unforgettable as it came up with the time battle wheel without abandoning the roots of the series. The combat style was completely changed. Also, the new junction replaced the armor and other necessary accessories. In Final Fantasy VIII, the main emphasis was on summoning. 

3) Final Fantasy IV

Final Fantasy IV is undoubtedly the first Final Fantasy game that actually mattered. The first three games weren't bad either but this one surely turned things around. It created a time battle era, which continued till Final Fantasy X. It also added a nice layer to the class system. It felt like every class is trying to explain a particular part of the story. 

4) Final Fantasy VII

This one is considered the most iconic entry in the series. Final Fantasy VII has a transgressive and brilliant story. It features some of the most beloved characters. It included all protagonists and antagonists that were loved in the series' history. However, people did not like the battle system as the 3D jump was highly disliked. Also, moving to a 32-bit era wasn't a graceful move either. 

5) Final Fantasy XIV Online

This entry should have been at the end of the list but A realm Reborn made all the difference and brought it up here. It reappeared on PC, PS3, and PS4. It features many engaging PvP battles, raids, and quests. You can actually invest hundreds of hours in this MMO. This is probably one of the best Final Fantasy settings ever created. 

6) Final Fantasy V

It has exquisite gameplay. These are medieval-themed Final Fantasy games. Today it is as playable as it was in 1992. This job system has a staggering overhaul. This entry would have been one of the top entries on the list but the characters and the story didn't let that happen. 

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