What happens If you Get Banned from Pokemon Go?

There are various kinds of bans and warnings in Pokemon Go. These include activity warnings, 3rd party warnings, permanent bans, shadowban, and softban. A lot of people get confused when they get warnings or bans as they don't understand the reason behind such bans. This happens when you use an app that logs into your account like IV checker. This is not going to impact the gameplay but in case you keep on using what led to the warning, then you may get shadowban. 

Third-Party App Warning

This warning shows up on the screen when our system detects the app on your device that is blacklisted. This does not usually impact the gameplay and this is generally caused by a fake GPS app. Moreover, it does not target GPS spoofers but it targets accounts that use third-party apps like bots, online trackers, and IV checkers. 


If you share accounts, travel too fast, or do GPS spoofing, then you must get soft-banned for at least 12 hours. There are two ways that can help you determine whether you have been soft-banned or not. A Pokemon will flee away instantly when you try to catch it. Players won't be able to loot from PokeStops. 


  • The limit is 3500 pokemon in 7 days in a rolling period. 
  • Players will be able to catch Raid Bosses even if they have been soft-banned. 
  • Stored quest rewards are gonna flee. 
  • Players are allowed to spin PokeStops
  • Players can have an encounter and then catch the Pokemon 3 hours later. 


If you get shadowbanned, then you won't be able to see rare pokemon. You can catch pokemon, spin stops, and hatch eggs. This usually happens when you use a third-party app like iv checker, which logs into your account. This also happens because of botting and you may also see this problem because of spoofing. 

Temporary Ban 

This ban is the same as the shadowban. However, there is one small difference. In a temporary ban, your account gets locked for at least 2 months. If you get banned temporarily, then you may see a pop-up message on your screen that says "Failed to get game data".

Permanent ban

In the end, there is a permanent ban. When you get permanently banned, you are not able to log in anymore. Basically, it fails to receive the data from the server. Most of the players of Pokemon Go are familiar with the bans and warnings of Pokemon Go. However, this is very useful for newcomers.

Strike 1 warning

Once this strike is issued, you will receive a warning from the Pokemon Go app. This will detect cheating on your account. This warning can also degrade your gameplay experience. The experience may get ruined in the following ways. 

  • You may fail to see rare Pokemon in the world. You may not see these pokemon on the map. You may even fail to see them in a Pokemon Tracker close by. 
  • You may not even receive new Ex Raid Passes. 

The strike 1 warning will continue for at least 7 days. Once the strike period is over, your gameplay experience will get restored completely. 

Strike 2 suspension 

If your account gets a second strike, then you may lose access to your Pokemon Go account temporarily. When you will try to log in to a game, you will receive a message that says your account has been suspended. A user cannot bypass this message. This strike continues for at least 30 days. Once this period is over, access of your account will be restored. 

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