How to Open & Change Internet Options in Microsoft Edge?

We will teach how to update Internet Options in Microsoft Edge because it operates slightly differently from Internet Explorer. The great majority of Edge's settings are special and unrelated to the default Settings tab. We suggest you go to Edge's advanced settings page to perfect it.

These are of the main changes made by Windows 10 and 11 were the addition of a browser tab. 

Open & Change Internet Options in Microsoft Edge

We'll explain how to modify Internet Options in Microsoft Edge since it functions significantly from Internet Explorer.

Where are Internet Options in Microsoft Edge?

So even though it is not an Edge browser, the Internet Options application may be used to manage many Edge settings. Moreover, you can only locate it on your Windows OS as an application. Nevertheless, you may change a range of browsing preferences that use the Edge settings; we'll talk regarding this in further context later.

How can I Change Internet Options in Microsoft Edge?

  • Modify the preferences menu for Microsoft Edge 
  • Customize Microsoft Edge's Graphical Design
  • Edge's Launching option can be customized
  • Microsoft Edge's cookies must be cleaned.
  • Your Browsing data will be synced throughout all Windows devices.
  • Microsoft Edge's installation files can be customized.
  • Modify the search tool and context menu

How I can Get Edge's Internet Services to Seem?

Click Basic 

Open tabs, browser history, and starting settings are managed by this option. 

Moreover, this is that you can modify the browser's look. Most of the options on this tab are IE-specific, so they won't have an effect on Edge or other devices.

Protection Button 

The privacy settings can be adjusted here, and a list of trusted or banned websites can be established. 

Open & Change Internet Options in Microsoft Edge

Because they are important with regards to Browser, these settings also modify a few Microsoft Edge security settings.

Non - Commercial Tab 

This feature allows you to change your data settings or enable pop-up protection. This tab won't have had an impact on Internet Explorer because it primarily affects Web Browser.

Page Data 

The settings affect options for certification and completion. Further, you can choose from Website Thinly sliced or Feeds choices below. These file primarily has no bearing on Edge and only has an effect on Internet Windows.

Tab "Interactions" 

Each tab has anything to do with other websites. It allows you to deploy proxies or a VPN with your internet. The Connectivity tab has an influence on your overall network, including Internet Explorer and other web apps.

Enable "Applications" 

You may adjust browser insert here by adjusting when links are displayed. These add-ons primarily affect Web Browser and have no connectivity to Edges extension. 

From in this page, you can choose a default Online tool and other default programs, such as an email client. Scheme options, they have an effect on Windows Xp and other computers.

Outstanding ab 

You can change a variety of your address bar concealed settings with this choice. 

You can change a few Extended Edge options in addition to the ones that primarily affect Internet Browser in the list of settings.


Furthermore, take note that Windows 10 allows you to access Internet Explorer settings in Edge, however, Windows 11 doesn't. Now you've all the necessary information for a better understanding read this topic thoroughly.

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