How Do I Fix a Laptop that Wont Turn On?

Please let me know that how do i fix a Laptop that Wont turn on. I am facing some issues while operating the laptop. Sometime laptop not turning on.



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Fix a Laptop that Wont Turn On:

Users of Laptops are generally taken aback when they press the power button…, and the laptop doesn’t get on. Reacting to this unwanted situation users promptly give a call to their respective computer vendors as they can assist users to fix a laptop that won’t turn on.

I also had witnessed the same problem a few months back and gathered actionable inputs from different technicians in getting issue resolved. While getting the problem solved, I realized that there was no big technical snag that could be attributed as the prime reason for the laptop malfunctioning, rather there existed some faulty power supply cables that prevented my laptop to boot.

So, I am willing to share with you, all possible reasons for the laptop malfunctioning, one of which may probably be preventing your laptop from getting on. So in case of mild technical glitches, you too can handle the situation to fix a laptop malfunctioning at your own by following steps shared hereunder.  

Outdated Laptop Battery

An obsolete battery could be the potential reason for a malfunctioning laptop. To really confirm this, you can remove the battery from the laptop and can connect your laptop by directly plugging in the adapter wire into a working AC point.

If the laptop starts booting on a gentle push of the power button, it is the laptop’s battery to be blamed for this undesirable malfunctioning. Subsequently, the user can continue operating the laptop as long as the power supply is on stream and can simultaneously find a replacement for the obsolete battery.

But to execute this complex procedure you must first be aware of the following battery removing procedure.

Step 1: Keep your laptop with its bottom facing upwards.

Step 2: Now, try to locate the battery panel.

Step 3: After you have located the battery slot, slide or gently push the opposite and hold for a while until the battery thrusts out. 

Step 4: If the battery doesn’t pop out, you may have to pull out from its slot. 

Loosely Connected Cables to Laptop

A yet another reason for your laptop remaining non-functional could perhaps be the cords that may have been loosely inserted into relevant jacks eventually hindering the flow of current to the laptop.

You must follow simple steps to troubleshoot the loose connections of the cables.

Step 1: You should first disconnect your laptop’s adapter wire.

Step 2: After waiting for a minute, you must now insert the wire into the adapter followed by connecting the adapter cord into the appropriate jack of your laptop.

Step 3: If you find your laptop getting on, then it is largely the wire-related issue, else you can follow the next course to fix a laptop that won’t turn on.

Faulty Screen of Laptop

No display is broadly classified as a laptop malfunctioning scenario even if the laptop is receiving a power supply. If an imperceptible view of the screen is persisting then it may have probably been caused due to the failure of the screen’s inverter that can actually be replaced in a very small budget.

But the screen’s inverter issue should be looked at only after checking the brightness of the screen. The screen may have been dull and dim either due to a broken brightness button or because the brightness of the system may have been brought down earlier.

In either case, the brightness button should be checked prior to contacting your vendor for a defunct screen so that the dim brightness issue does not give a false impression of a laptop suffering from a grievous technical snag.

BIOS may be Trying to Boot the Laptop from a Removable Disk 

Many a time, the removable disk or some external media or a memory card may have remained stuck up in the laptop during an earlier shutdown, something which may have been used by BIOS set up for booting the laptop leading to the situation of laptop not getting on.

To check and do away with such an issue, all hardware devices must be removed, and then the power button should be pressed.

The Laptop Operating System may not be Getting Booted by the Regular Operating System

At times the BIOS set up may not be recognizing Windows Operating System for booting the laptop regularly. This may be large because of some virus or malware that may be residing in the operating system thereby obstructing the BIOS to boot the system.

To deal with this reason, here are simple steps.

Step 1:  Arrange for an alternative booting disc.

Step 2: Connect it with the laptop and push the start button

Step 3: If the laptop starts booting, then the malfunctioning would have potentially been caused by a regular booting issue. In this scenario, you can continue working using an external booting disc and simultaneously you may get the regular booting issues resolved by a computer engineer.

New Hardware Installation may be Hindering the Process of Regular Booting

Another potential reason for laptop malfunctioning could be the installation of new hardware which may be restricting the regular booting of the laptop. So, to fix a laptop that won’t turn on, the hardware is advised to be removed and reinstalled again.

This would perhaps allow the laptop to boot. Also, the technical failure may also be because of hardware getting broken or impaired which may also prevent the laptop from booting, the permanent remedy for which is as follows.

Step 1: First, uninstall the impaired hardware

Step 2: Remove the malfunctioning hardware.

Step 3: Get the hardware replaced.

Step 4: Install the new equipment on your laptop.

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