Samsung Laptop Keyboard Not Working? Fix it

Is there anyone who knows anout why the Samsung laptop keyboard not working? I have no idea about that how to fix it. If anyone knows then help me.

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Samsung Laptop Keyboard Not Working

A lot of times while working, your Samsung laptop keyboard might stop working, and you would not be able to detect the real problem behind it. You can tackle the issue by several methods, like restarting your Samsung laptop keyboard. It can be done by removing the chord of the keyboard and waiting for some time then replugging the cord of the keyboard to the computer. 

After restarting it, you can check whether the problem is fixed or not. You can also fix the problem by changing the preferences of the keyboard, using an updated keyboard driver, and launching and setting up a driver to scan problematic drivers.Consider these fixes:

Restart your Samsung Laptop as a First Fix

It never hurts to restart your computer or laptop because several technical issues can be fixed by doing so. Frequently, this will be sufficient to resolve the keyboard issue.

Use an external keyboard if you're:

Remove the keyboard cord.

Restart your laptop from Samsung.

Re-plug your keyboard.

You can now use your keyboard if this technique works for you.

Fix 2: Change Keyboard Preferences

You can try adjusting the keyboard settings in your computer to restore your Samsung laptop's keyboard if it fails to function.

Start your computer and go to the Settings app (or Control Panel if you're running Windows 7).

Toggle Accessibility (or Ease of Access Center).

Tap on keyboard

Turn off the filter keys, disable the filter keys, or uncheck the turn on the filter keys box.

Test your keyboard's functionality after restarting your laptop.

Fix 3: Update the Keyboard Driver

You must keep your keyboard driver up to date since an out-of-date or missing keyboard driver can prevent your Samsung keyboard from functioning.

The most recent version of your keyboard driver can be directly downloaded from the keyboard manufacturer and installed on your Windows laptop. For this, you'll need both time and computer know-how.

Driver Easy can complete it automatically if you don't have the patience or time to do it yourself.

Driver Easy will immediately recognize your system and find the relevant drivers.

You don't need to run the risk of downloading and installing the incorrect driver, identify the specific operating system your machine is using, or worry about downloading something incorrectly.

Driver Easy's PRO or FREE versions both allow you to update automatically your drivers. However, the Pro version only requires 2 taps.

Obtain and Set up Driver Easy

Launch Driver Easy and select Scan Now. After that, Driver Easy would then scan your computer to find any problematic drivers.

To have the appropriate driver version automatically installed, select the Update button next to the name of the keyboard device that has been highlighted.

Alternatively, you can select Update All to have all of your system's outdated and missing drivers automatically installed and downloaded.

The Impact Requires a Computer Restart

Driver Easy can be used to remove as well. This is especially helpful once you're trying to uninstall and reinstall a driver that's giving you problems.

To remove drivers, you can also use Driver Easy (Pro version required). This is especially beneficial when you're trying to uninstall and reinstall a driver that's giving you problems.

Steffan 23 February 2024