How to Fix Discord Mic Not Working Problem?

Please let me know that how to fix discord mic not working problem. I am facing some issues while using laptop. Help me.

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Fix Discord Mic Not Working Problem:

For a few years, discord has been the most famous VOIP service among gamers. Its popularity has continued to rise, indicating how simple the app is to use. The Discord development staff is fantastic, and the app is often updated with bug patches.

Unfortunately, a few bugs haven't gone away, and a variety of external variables could be to blame. Discord mic not working is a typical problem many people have experienced on multiple occasions.

The bug frequently leaves you hearing your pals but unable to respond, which may be extremely aggravating because it constantly appears to happen out of nowhere. The problem appears to be most prevalent with the desktop version for PC users and less so with the internet app. This post will show you three simple ways to fix a Discord mic that isn't working.

Fixes for Discord Mic not Working

Fix 1: Discord's Voice Settings should be Reset.

Resetting the voice settings on Discord might sometimes solve the problem. Here’s how:

Step 1. On Discord's home page, click the Settings button.

Step 2. Reset Voice Settings after clicking Voice & Video.

Step 3. Click the Okay button.

Step 4. Reconnect it and send an audio message on Discord to test if your microphone is working.

Fix 2: Select the Appropriate Input and Output Devices.

Okay, you discovered that your microphone is still not working despite using the procedures listed above. Another option is to select your microphone from the drop-down menu under Input Device at the top of the page.

Make sure you select the appropriate Input and Output Devices.

Fix 3: Discord should be Restarted as Administrator.

A quick quit/restart will most likely fix the problem.

Here’s how to:

Step 1. Find the Discord icon on your Windows taskbar and right-click it. It may be hidden at times; select "Show hidden icons" to reveal it. Then click Discord Quit.

Step 2. Right-click the Discord shortcut icon on your desktop and choose Run as administrator.

Step 3. When User Account Control prompts you, select Yes.

Step 4. To test your microphone, try sending an audio message on Discord.

Fix 4: Make sure 'Automatic Input Sensitivity is Turned On.

If Automatic Input Sensitivity is off in your Discord settings, your microphone may cease working correctly. When you turn off this option, your Discord app will no longer "automatically" pick up noises from your microphone.

Here's how to activate Discord's Automatic Input Sensitivity setting:

Step 1. Go to User Settings and select Voice & Video from the left-hand sidebar under App Settings.

Step 2. Next, scroll down the page until you see the setting Automatically identify input sensitivity under Input Sensitivity. Turn on Detecting input sensitivity automatically.

You may now check to verify if your microphone is compatible with Discord, which will be indicated by a solid green flash on the indicator (just below the setting) when Discord is transmitting your voice.

Fix 5: Examine External Factors (Checklist).

If your voice is still not being picked up by Discord, it could be due to a problem with your microphone or headphones.

Here's a thorough checklist to go over while checking your headset/microphone:

Make sure your computer's USB or 3.5mm headphone jack is firmly connected. Attempt unplugging and replugging. You can also experiment with different ports.

Download the most recent drivers and software for the device you're using as a microphone. Google "drivers software for inserting the brand of your headphones>" is a beautiful approach to find these "drivers" or software.

Make sure your microphone hardware isn't muted when you attach it to your device. Some headphones have a mute button on the side that might prevent your voice input from being picked.

To dismiss the possibility that the issue is with your Discord, try using any other headphones you have lying around. If you don't have any headphones, see if you can borrow some from your friends or relatives.

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