How Can I Limit Battery Charge to 80% on Windows 11?

Please let me know how can i limit battery charge to 80% on Windows 11. I am facing some issues in this. Help me.

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Limit Battery Charge to 80% on Windows 11:

Setting a cap on battery charge might assist. Running the battery while it is fully charged damages its health and shortens its lifespan.

Only HP and the Surface by Microsoft laptops come with a built-in feature to control battery charging. Most manufacturers have a specific app for configuring the battery settings. Follow this guide to learn how to limit battery power in Windows in simple methods.

The condition of a laptop's battery is crucial. You could spend less money if you had a longer-lasting battery. Limiting the capacity of the battery to 80% is crucial for customers who want to leave their Windows 11 laptop charged for a lengthy amount of time.

How can I Get my Charger to Shut off at 80% Automatically?

1. On Laptops Made by HP

To enter the BIOS, continually press the F10 key after the computer has turned on and the Power button has been depressed.

Choose between the Configuration and Advanced tabs.

Now, navigate to Adaptive Power Optimizer with the arrow keys and turn the functionality on.

2. On Dell Laptops

Install the Dell Health Manager Services from the company's website.

Run the configuration program and adhere to the directions displayed on the screen to finish the procedure. Dell Power Controller Service will only Limit Battery Charge to 80% on Windows 11.

Open the app, then select the Battery Information tab, then hit the Settings icon to the right.

3. On Asus Notebooks

  • From the Microsoft Store, download the MyASUS application.
  • Open the app after that and log in.
  • Click Power and Performance after choosing Customization from the menu pane.
  • Go to Battery Health Charging and select Balanced mode.

For Windows 11 to cap the battery charge at 80%, users of Asus laptops must download the MyASUS software. This will guarantee the longevity of the battery and lengthen its lifespan. Additionally, there are three choices under "Asus Battery Health Charging":

Full Power Mode: This default setting will fully charge your battery, or 100%, of its capacity. When traveling, this is advised.

Balanced mode in Asus laptops restricts the battery charges to 80%.

4. With Microsoft Surface

  • Hold the Volume Up button while pressing and turning off the Power button on the Microsoft Surface laptop.
  • Press the power button immediately as the Microsoft logo shows.
  • Select Advanced Options from Boot Configuration by going there.
  • The Enable Energy Limit Mode entry should now be turned on.

5. Utilise a Third-party Remedy

Install one of the top battery management programs if the maker of your laptop isn't on the list but you nevertheless wish to save battery life. Even then, not all models are supported by built-in solutions, making a third-party solution essential.

Additionally, certain management programs do diagnostics and resolve any battery-related problems. For instance, when the notebook charges slowly or automatically stops charging.

Remember that these are more notification mechanisms in Windows 11 and should not be used to limit battery life to 80% or a higher level. When the battery's power level reaches a user-defined target, it will sound an alert.

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