How do I Turn Off Windows Volume Overlay?

Hello, Please let me know how do I Turn Off Windows Volume Overlay? I am facing some issues with Turn Off Windows Volume Overlay. I don't know how to resolve it. Help me.



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Disable Volume Overlay Windows 10 -

If you are a user of Windows 10, then you must have seen a volume slider button located at the top-left vertex of your screen, which enables you to increase or decrease the volume at any particular point of time you want. This button is also called the media overlay button.

How to Turn Off Windows Volume Overlay?

To get rid of the volume overlay box that appears on the left of your computer screen, you need to first click on the name of the app. Then, click on the photo of the artist. For example, if you wish to remove the box of volume overlay when the media content is not being played on Chrome, then click at any place near Chrome.exe. 

In case you are using Chrome-based Spotify or Microsoft Edge, then select the name of the artist as well as his or her photo when you are listening to that artist’s content. 

Windows Volume Overlay

One Noteworthy point is that media overlay was initially used with Windows 8 and the same interface is now used for Windows 10 as well. Apart from being beneficial, it takes up a lot of space on the screen. This attribute is quite new to Google Chrome now and does not work in a proper manner.

Google Chrome does not have the capacity to show up associated information or YouTube Thumbnail on the media overlay. The good thing is that you can turn off Windows volume overlay in Chrome from the menu of flags.

Step 1: Launch Chrome://flags.

Step 2: Start looking for “Hardware Media Key Handling”. 

Step 3: Go to the drop-down menu and then turn it off.

Step 4: Now, reboot your internet browser.

This attribute is extremely useful particularly when you wish to change the soundtrack on a playlist on Spotify. Also, you can pause a video that you have played on YouTube. The overlay only appears when you have to increase or decrease the volume and some specific apps are open such as Spotify, Microsoft Edge, or Google Chrome.

The media overlay will disappear automatically if you do not adjust the volume. Sadly, the volume dialog box takes a lot of time in disappearing. But if you will hover over the media overlay, then its disappearance will get delayed. 

If you are troubled by the volume overlay popping up again and again, then you can perform the solution given below to turn off the Windows volume overlay. 

So, these are the steps that you are required to carry out in order to turn off the Windows volume overlay.

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