How do You Fix Windows 10 Cannot Boot up?

Hello, Please let me know that how do you fix Windows 10 cannot boot up. I am facing this issue while start my window 7. I don't know how fix these window 10 boot up issue. Help me.

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Fix Windows 10 Cannot Boot up:

It’s one of the most frustrating problems when your PC is not even booting up. When there is no initialization from the PC and it’s really difficult to fix that problem. In case, then How do you fix Windows 10 Cannot Boot Up?

If you are not able to boot don’t lose hope, there are ways through which you can fix Windows 10 boot up issues. With this, I will fully help you in finding the best solutions to this problem.

Safe Mode in Windows 10-

In a different way to fix Windows 10 issues is through Windows Safe Mode. In Safe Mode Windows 10 starts with minimum software and drivers. When the computer sometimes opens in safe mode it sometimes clears the problem automatically and it can be a fix for the problem.

  • To go into Safe Mode, here is what you have to do. When your PC is not booting, it generally stops on the splash screen. Through this screen, you can go into safe mode. Now during the start disconnect the power supply or press and hold the power button until it shuts down. Do these steps three times and Windows will go into Safe Mode.
  • Otherwise, keep pressing the F8 key as soon as you start your PC. If you enter into that, then you will enter into Troubleshoot.
  • In troubleshoot choose Advanced Options then Startup Settings and Restart. Now the PC will restart and now press key 4 to go into Safe Mode
  • Now in safe mode, you have the option of booting from installation media or recovery disc or Windows installation disc.

Conflict with USB Devices-

Sometimes your computer might not boot because of some USB devices conflict with the boot process. This problem can be solved by removing all the USB devices that are connected and restarting the computer again.

Check Battery-

If you on a laptop, then consider checking the battery of that laptop. You can remove the battery from the laptop and plug the laptop through the charger and run it directly through power. Also, try a different charger to your laptop and alternatively check your charger with a different laptop.

Fast Boot-

When you go into BIOS there are settings called as Fast Boot in Windows 8 or newer Windows that help them to boot quickly by preloading drivers. You have the option of turning OFF or ON fast boot.

To go into BIOS there are two alternative options. Some systems go into BIOS through F2 key or Delete Key and some through Escape Key. Check which key is mentioned on the first page of startup and press that key.

  • After going into BIOS, Go into Advanced Options
  • Now toggle that option to Disabled.

This is how you disable Fast Boot.

Boot to Command Prompt-

When your computer is not ready to boot, it doesn’t have many things to do. But you can still go into Command Prompt. Using Command Prompt you can do troubleshooting solutions. You need either the bootable disk or USB drive to boot.

  • First, when you switch on PC, on vendor logo go into BIOS
  • In BIOS, go into bootable options and select the bootable option as either USB or DVD
  • Through this, you can go into Command Prompt and fix with the steps.
  • For that go into Repair your computer. Then go into Troubleshoot and Advanced options and Command Prompt. You will see a window for entering different commands.

These are the ways through which you solve Windows 10 not booting.

Steve 02 September 2022