How to Access Microsoft Remote Desktop on your Mac

Is there anyone who knows how to access Microsoft Remote Desktop on your Mac. I have no idea about that how to fix it. If anyone knows then help me.


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Access Microsoft Remote Desktop on your Mac:

We have already witnessed that tech solutions and apps have been pretty successful in tiding over the gap between the Windows and the Mac platforms in large corporations but in the case of different computing environments at a reasonable level, the gap between the two still persists that requires some effective solutions to facilitate accessing Windows on your Mac.

Friends, I would like to share that I earlier wanted to have some app to “access Microsoft Remote Desktop on my Mac” in a bid to be able to access the local files stored in the Windows application as a result of such an integration which I was successfully able to achieve when I downloaded and concurrently installed the Microsoft Remote Desktop app using the Mac App Store.

In this context, it becomes imperative to say that to “access Microsoft Remote Desktop on your Mac” today there is actually a feasible solution in the form of the “Microsoft Remote Desktop” app which can certainly let you “access Microsoft Remote Desktop on your Mac”. So, just have a quick glance over this quick guide that lays down how to “access Microsoft Remote Desktop on your Mac”.

Step 1 - Downloading the “Microsoft Remote Desktop” App

Step 1(a) - You should begin by downloading the Microsoft Remote Desktop app from the Mac App Store which appears as the first search result on the store when searched. After you see the Microsoft Remote Desktop app icon on the Mac App Store, just click on the blue “Get” button to initiate the process of downloading the Microsoft Remote Desktop.

Step 1(b) - Next open the app by clicking on the grey launch pad-resembling icon followed by clicking on the “Remote Desktop” icon. You can also utilize the searchlight feature when you click on the looking glass icon displayed at the top right corner of the screen.

Step 1(c) - After the “Microsoft Remote Desktop” app opens just set it in the Dock by pressing the “Control + Click” once you are on the icon followed by clicking on the “Options”. Thereafter, click on the “Keep In Dock” option which will add the “Microsoft Remote Desktop” app to the docks for accessing it regularly.

Step 2 - Enabling the Remote Desktop on your Target PC for Windows 8

Step 2(a) - Now, to enable remote access on your Windows PC that you are willing to use as the target PC just find and click the “Allow Remote Access to your computer” option by searching for the same. Subsequently, enter the password if prompted, and then under the “System Properties” just find the Remote Desktop section first and then select “Allow remote connections to this computer”.

Step 2(b) - Going ahead, with a view to achieving the prime objective to “access Microsoft Remote Desktop on your Mac” you should now be marking the system preferences as to who will be able to access this Remote Desktop Connection.

Further, search the “System” followed by clicking on the same. Subsequently, just continue by turning off the “Hibernation and Sleep Settings” to remain able to access the target Windows PC as it would not allow your target windows PC to fall asleep during the time over which you want to “access Microsoft Remote Desktop on your Mac”.

Step 2(c) - Also, don’t forget to give your PC a proper and full-fledged name as you would be requiring it while you attempt to establish the connection between your Windows PC and Mac.

Step 3 - Back on the Microsoft Remote Desktop app on Mac

Step 3(a) - Now to configure the Windows Desktop with your Mac just get back to the “Microsoft Remote Desktop” app and just press the “New” button which is shown as the “Plus” sign wherein you will have to punch in data related to access and connection credentials.

Step 3(b) - Now in the “General” tab, you will have to enter some key credentials like Domain Name, PC Name, Username, Password, and Gateway-related credentials.

Step 3(c) - Under the “Session” tab you can do a variety of things like disabling or enabling the sound on a Mac or Windows PC as you may feel like. Also, if you want to connect to an “Administrator Session” on Windows Server then you should continue clicking on the check box adjacent to the “Connect to admin session” option.

Similarly, you can access printing devices to make use of local printers. In addition to this, you can swap the mouse buttons as well depending on the requirement.

Step 3(d) - Finally, you should click on the “Redirection” tab wherein you can choose a local folder that you are willing to make available during this remote session. To get this done, simply click the “+’button followed by entering the name and path of the folder.

Step 3(e) - When you have configured the new Remote Desktop connection the way you want just click on the red close button after which just double-click on the “Remote Desktop” icon which will cause the remote session to commence and you would be able to achieve the objective to “access Microsoft Remote Desktop on your Mac” successfully.  

Step 3(f) - You may further edit, delete or export the given Remote Desktop connection according to your preference simply by clicking on the given Remote Desktop and accessing the required option. 

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