How to Add or Remove Widgets on the Windows 11 Desktop?

Please let me know how to add or remove widgets on the Windows 11 desktop. I am facing some issues while doing this. I have no idea about this. Help me.

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Add or Remove Widgets on the Windows 11 Desktop

The widgets panel is the default interface for using widgets in Windows 11. Follow below mentioned steps to Add or Remove Widgets on the Windows 11 Desktop.

 Here's how to get started using Windows 11 widgets:

1. Launch the widgets panel by pressing Window+W.

2. Click the plus (+) icon at the highest point of the widgets surface to add a new widget.

3. Click the plus (+) sign to the right of the widgets you would like to add. When you're done, close the pop-up window. We'll include Traffic and Entertainment in our example.

4. The widgets that you chose will be displayed in the applications panel of fencing. For access to the source app or website, click the title of the widget.

5. To close the widgets panel, select outside of it or push the Windows key+W again.

How to Make Windows 11 Widgets Your Own

Each widget can be interacted with in a different way. Additional options:

1. To access the widgets panel, press Window+W or swipe right.

2. Click the three marks in the widget's upper-right corner.

3. From the menu, choose Customise widget.

4. Make any necessary changes and then click Save or Cancel.

How to Change the News Feed in Windows 11

The widget panel also displays fresh news from multiple sources in addition to widgets. You can't completely avoid the news, but you are able to conceal specific stories and customize what appears in the news feed that you receive.

1. In the top-right area of the widgets panel, choose Options (the silhouette icon).

2. To open Microsoft Edge, select Manage Concerns at the bottom of the a pop-up window.

3. Click the plus icon next to a class to make those stories appear higher in your feed of stories. When you're finished, close Microsoft Edge.

4. Move over a piece of news and choose the conceal icon (the eye that has a slash) within the upper-right hand corner to remove narratives you don't like. Your feedback allows Microsoft to improve the stories it shows.

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