How to Enable and Disable Notifications in the Chrome Browser?

Please let me know that How to enable and disable notifications in the Chrome browser. I am facing some issues while browsing on google chrome. Help me.


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Enable and Disable Notifications in the Chrome Browser:

You must have seen notifications appearing on your screen from random websites. Do you find them useful or are they undesired? If they are useful, then you must enable them and if they are bothersome, then you must disable them. 

What to do About Chrome's Pushy Notifications? 

Chrome notifications appear in the bottom right corner of your computer screen. You will hear a notification sound along with it. This can be extremely irritating. In order to get rid of this irritation, people try to stop these notifications from appearing. Google aims to modify a few notifications but no one knows when this is going to happen and how many notifications will be altered. 

When you open a new website and click on the extension button, then that Chrome compatible notification can appear in the form of updates at the corner of your screen. It will ask for your permission prior to turning a corner of your screen into a private social media page. There is a chance that you may ignore the permission window and allow the notification to appear on your screen. 

These notifications work with Google services like Google Now and Gmail features. The result is the same with a small window appearing again and again.  This is how you can turn off or turn on notifications. 

How to Turn off or Turn on Website Notifications?

Notification controls differ from system to system. If you are using Mac or Windows OS, then you must first launch the Chrome browser and then click on the icon of the Chrome menu. The menu is located at the top-right corner of your browser and has 3 vertical dots. After that, click on Settings and then select Privacy and Security. Now, click on-site settings and then go to Notifications in the pop-up window. After that, go to the "Site Can Ask to Send notifications" and turn the toggle on or off. 

In case you are using Chromebook, then you don't need to launch the browser. Rather, you need to go to the status section of your Chrome OS. There, you will find your account icon. Then, you need to select the notification next to the clock. After that, the notifications in waiting will pop up. In case, there aren't any notifications, then you will see the message "No notification". 

Go to the pop-up window and then select the icon of settings. After that, start searching for the notification or app from the list and uncheck the box right next to it. If the app or extension requires an update, then the entry will remain there but the tick will be removed from the box. You need user permission to load a new program.

How to Change Settings for a Particular Website?

When you block or apply permissions for a particular website, the default settings are not applied. If you wish to start afresh, then you can delete all the data. When you launch Chrome and open a particular website, then click on the icon appearing on the left of your location bar.

Now, select Dangerous, info, or lock. After that, click on Site Settings to make changes in the permission settings of the website. The changes you make will be saved automatically. 

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