How to Enable Dark Mode in Windows 10?

Hello,Please let me know how to enable dark mode in windows 10? I don't know how to enable it.I tried many times but unable to enable it.So can anyone have any idea?help me

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Enable Dark Mode in Windows 10

Nowadays, you must be familiar with the dark mode offered by Windows that applies a dark theme to apps and settings interface. This dark mode is easily available from the Windows store. While there are some cases like some desktop apps where this setting doesn't affect much. This guide illustrates the solutions on how you can enable dark mode in Windows 10 PC. Don't worry we will help you to get your complete desktop turned into dark theme. 

Staring your computer screen for the whole day becomes hectic and eye paining. Therefore, it's always recommended that you enable dark mode in Windows 10 system just for your eyes. With this setting, you can turn your bright white screen a little darker. As most of your Windows apps and features will have white text against a black or gray background. So, this eases the user to read and is said to help with concentration. Moreover, as per a Google study, you will use 60% less energy on a device that has Dark Mode enabled. Are you ready to switch to the dark side? Here’s how you can enable dark mode in Windows 10 PC.

Steps to Enable Dark Mode in Windows 10

The Dark Mode feature can be used in different ways on your laptop and desktop as well. Like the feature can be enabled across the entire user interface, on all apps, on specific apps only, and even on web pages.

Enable Dark Mode in Windows 10 - Interface

  • Launch the Start menu on clicking the Windows icon at the bottom left corner of your screen.
  • Open Settings or you can directly open using the shortcut Windows + “i” on your keyboard.
  • Go to Personalization and then click the Colors tab.
  • Scroll down to click on the Dark button under “Choose your default app mode.”
  • As you enable Dark Mode, your Settings app will shortly turn to dark (along with other Windows apps).

Enable Dark Mode in Windows 10 - Desktop

  • Open Settings and under the Personalization section, click Background.
  • Choose Solid color from the drop-down menu.
  • Next, select the option “Choose your background color.”
  • Optionally, you can choose any other color if you don't like black.
  • You will notice that your desktop becomes dark while the taskbar and accent colors remain bright. 

Enable Dark Mode in Windows 10 - Accent

  • In Settings, go to Colors.
  • Under “Choose your accent color” option, choose a dark grey color. Additionally, you can choose any custom color based on your background from Windows colors palette.
  • Now, at the bottom of the Colors menu, check the options under “Show Accent color on the following surfaces.”
  • Finally, apply any desired accent color to the Start menu, the taskbar, the action center, the title bars and window borders. 

Enable Dark Mode in Windows 10- File Explorer and Control Panel

  • Firstly update your Windows version. You can update the Windows from Settings > Update and Security > Windows Update. Thereafter, click Check for Updates on the right side of the window. If you are still unable to update, try downloading the Windows Update Assistant.

  • Now, launch Settings > Personalization > Colors. You will see that the default app mode will be set to Light.
  • Here, modify the setting by clicking on the “Dark” button under “Choose your default app mode.”
  • This finally turns the File Explorer to dark.

Enable Dark Mode in Windows 10 - Windows Apps

In case you have the older version of Windows or the May 2019 update, you can still turn on dark mode on any Windows app.

  • First update the Windows version 1903.
  • Launch any of the Windows apps. 
  • Now, go to Settings where you will have to find and choose Dark Mode. Through Windows Maps, you can locate under Personalization. While the other apps might differ.

Enable Dark Mode in Windows 10 - Microsoft Office

You can enable dark theme individually for any of your MS Office programs. Like for example Word, PowerPoint, Excel etc. However the steps are all the same for all the MS Office programs. Just for Outlook, you have to go to File > Office Account before you can check the customization options for your account, including turning on Dark Mode.

  • Launch any of the Microsoft Office apps. 
  • Click on File and then Account.
  • Finally, change the Office Theme to Dark Gray or Black.
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