How to Enable the Touchscreen in Windows 11?

Please let me know that how to enable the touchscreen in Windows 11. I am facing some issues in this. Help me.

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Enable the Touchscreen in Windows 11:

Using Touchscreen on Windows 11 is a trend that is catching up these days, but it also brings in the risk of your Touchscreen facing several issues ultimately leading to Touchscreen's non-functionality. So, just have a look at this quick guide that reveals a very simple procedure to help you enable the Touchscreen in Windows 11.

The Simple Walkthrough that Facilitates Enabling Touchscreen in Windows 11

Device Manager Utility can help you enable the Touchscreen in Windows 11 in the following way.

Step 1 - Initiate the process by opening the Start Menu.

Step 2 - When you see the search bar of the Start Menu, type Device Manager therein.

Step 3 - Now select Device Manager and continue by expanding the Human Interface Devices list.

Step 4 - Make sure that you have chosen the first option showing the HID-compliant touch screen.

Step 5 - Go on to select the Action from the top menu.

Step 6 - While navigating the list just click on the Enable Device option.

Step 7 - Here, just select the second HID-compliant touch screen and repeat Step 5 and Step 6 which eventually will enable the Touchscreen in Windows 11.

When Touchscreen doesn’t Work on Windows 11   

When you have enabled the Touchscreen functionality and the Touchscreen doesn’t operate then you can try a few tips allowing Touchscreen to function.

1 - Restarting Windows 11 

A simple way of fixing the Touchscreen issue is to restart Windows 11 which can potentially take care of minor bugs in no time.   

2 - A Driver Update can Enable the Touchscreen in Windows 11

The ideal way to make Touchscreen work is to effectuate updating the relevant drivers. This can be done by selecting each HID-compliant touch screen option followed by clicking the Update Driver option.

3 - Installing the Latest Version of Windows 11 can Work    

A Windows Update not only fixes multiple hardware issues but also enables hardware-software pairing in a compatible way ultimately helping you enable the Touchscreen in Windows 11.

4 - Recalibrating Touchscreen Using Windows Settings

When you streamline all relevant settings associated with calibrating the Touchscreen, this problem may get solved and you may use the Touchscreen functionality seamlessly.

5 - Troubleshooting a Broken Touchscreen is the Other Way Out

In case the Touchscreen gets broken you should work on an array of troubleshooting tips that would let you restore the Touchscreen functionality.

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