How to Find Your IP Address on Windows?

Hello, Please let me know how to find your IP address on Windows? I am facing some issues in finding your IP address on Windows. I don't know how to resolve it. Help me.

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Find Your IP Address on Windows

Once in a while, you must know your computer’s IP address, mainly there are actually two types. And time to time check IP address in cmd Windows. For the inexperienced, IP clearly stands for Internet Protocol, and this is the address which means the location of your device on the internet (or an internal network).

There are types of IP address are public and private. Your public IP address is a series of four numbers and is the method in which your device can be placed on the internet.

If you don’t have an address, it’s impossible for communications to be managed through the internet to your device. The world wide web functions on this basis, with web pages sent back to your browser through this address.

As for your private IP, this identifies your device on a local network as opposed to the internet. In short, it is the address which provided the other devices connected to your router to communicate with your device.

Every device which is online receives a public IP to recognize it, and any device on a local network receives a private IP to the same end. For some unknown reason, you may want to know either, or both, of these IP addresses.

Here we are going to discuss about finding out both these forms of IP addresses within four forms and also here we also check IP address in cmd Windows: Windows, MacOs, Linux and Chrome OS.

1. How to find your public IP address

The easiest way to do this is to simply fire up your web browser of choice, and navigate to the following website: whatismyip. By the name given, it will help you to find out what your IP address is.

Look at the top strings in the small gray box that shows the website, which show ‘Your Public IPv4 is:’. Those four numbers interposed with term are your PC’s public IP address.

2. Private IP address on Windows

In order to identify your private IP on a Windows system, just open up the direction quickly. To check IP address in cmd  Windows 10, type ‘cmd’ in the search box (next to the Start button on the taskbar), and you should see the relevant command prompt app pop up in the suggested results  Click on it.

When you have the direction quick open, just type in the following and hit enter:

  • ipconfig
  • Your local IP address will be mention inside ‘IPv4 Address’.

3. How to find your IP address on MacOs

If you are using a Mac then tap on the Apple logo, and select the ‘System Preferences’, then tap on ‘Network’.

After that choose the network you are actively connected to and check below ‘Status’, on the right, where you will find the private IP address where it tells ‘Connected’. 

4. How to identify your IP address on Linux

If you are using Linux is Ubuntu as it is for many folks  it’s easy to identify your private IP through going to the ‘Activities’ overview (top-left), whereabouts you can enter in ‘network’, then tap on ‘Network’. (We are supposed you are using Ubuntu 18.04.3 LTS here, but it must be the same no matter what version you’re running).

Now, it depends on if your connection is wired or wireless, you can tap on the ‘Settings’ button (which looks like a sun) near to that connection. In the window that comes up, below the ‘Details’ tab, you will find your IP address appear (‘IPv4 Address’).

5. How to identify your IP address on Chrome OS

Tap on Launcher (bottom-left on your system), enter in ‘settings’ and tap on the ‘Settings’ cog which comes up. Within where it says ‘Network’, your active network will be mentioned – tap on it, and under ‘Known networks’ again click on the active network (which will say ‘Connected’ in green underneath it). Options relating to the network will now be listed, including your ‘IP address’ (this is your private IP).

Tom Bruce 26 May 2021