How to Fix A JNI Error Has Occurred in Minecraft?

The issue in the form of “A JNI error has occurred in Minecraft” is increasingly being observed by hundreds and thousands of Minecraft gaming users who witness this gaming halt as a dampener in the overall gaming sentiment.

In this scenario two main reasons have reportedly been considered as the main causes of the “A JNI error has occurred in Minecraft” ranging from the missing installation of Java 16 JDK to the broken system PATH variable in the environmental variables that expressly need separate treatments for fixing the “A JNI error has occurred in Minecraft” issue.

Friends, I also witnessed the issue of “A JNI error has occurred in Minecraft” occurring when I tried to play the game on Minecraft something which I was able to fix by installing the latest version of Java JDK. So, here I would like to take this opportunity to share the two ideal ways of fixing the “A JNI error has occurred in Minecraft” issue.

Resorting to Installing the Latest Version of Java JDK Utility 

The issue of “A JNI error has occurred in Minecraft” occurs when your computer does not have Java 16 especially when you are willing to start with the Minecraft 21e19 build. This can be addressed by following the steps mentioned below.

Step 1 - Initially, you have to kindly ensure that your Minecraft launcher is properly closed.

Step 2 - Now continue to open one of your favorite internet browsers followed by opening the web page of the “Java 15 Development Kit”.

Step 3 - Simply prefer to click on the “Windows” tab followed by scrolling down a little to find and click on the associated link shown corresponding to the “Windows *64 Compressed Archive” option.

Step 4 - When you are prompted by Oracle to put a tick on the end user Oracle agreement just accept the agreement by putting the tick in the check-box followed by clicking on the “Download” button.

Step 5 - After waiting till the time when the zip file downloading is complete just continue by extracting the relevant file.

Step 6 - Now when you are over with the extraction process of Java JDK, just reach the location wherein you saved the extracted copy of your Java JDK and continue further by copying the same on your clipboard simply by giving a right-click on the same followed by choosing the “Copy” option being displayed in the context menu.

Step 7 - Here you have to launch “File Explorer” to find the below-mentioned path or the location

C:\Program Files\Java

and thereafter paste the earlier copied JDK 16 folder after it.

Step 8 - Now just wait for the copying operation to get completed followed by closing the File Explorer window and further followed by giving the double-click to open the Minecraft Launcher once again.

Step 9 - Now you should click on the “Settings” option which is located inside the Minecraft Launcher.

Step 10 - When you are inside the “Settings” menu just make sure to click on the “Minecraft Settings” followed by clicking on the “Browse” button connected with the relevant “Java Path”.

Step 11 - Now try to navigate and find the following location after clicking on the “Browse” window.

C:\Program File\Java\jdk-16.0.2\bin

Step 12 - Now before you click on the “Open” button ensure that javaw.exe is chosen when you are inside the location discussed in “Step 11” above.

Step 13 - What you are required to do at this juncture is click on the “Save” button to successfully save the relevant path in the Minecraft Launcher.

Step 14 - Now, try to launch or start the Minecraft Launcher game again and if you find it opening normally then the issue of “A JNI error has occurred in Minecraft” will stand resolved else try the other way out as mentioned below.

Trying to Remove the Broken System Path Variable for Your Java  

Quite often the broken variable can lead your Minecraft Launcher to believe that the installation of the Java JDK 16 may be missing and therefore it may be the cause of the “A JNI error has occurred in Minecraft” issue. Thus, we can say that by fixing the broken system path variable you can easily address the issue of “A JNI error has occurred in Minecraft” issue.

So, just follow the below-mentioned steps in this regard.

Step 1 - Just begin by pressing the “Windows+R” key to open the “Run” dialogue box followed by entering the “sysdm.cpl” in the text box to open the “System Properties” window. Please don’t forget to click on “Yes” when prompted by the “User Account Control”.

Step 2 - Now just continue by clicking on the “Advanced” tab after entering the “System Properties” window followed by clicking on the “Environment Variables” button displayed therein on the bottom-right corner of the dialog box in the “Startup and Recovery” section.

Step 3 - Now try to locate the “System Variables” section followed by selecting the “Path” heading and clicking on the “Edit” button.

Step 4 - Now you have to further locate to select the path that contains the “Java” folder inside the “Edit section of the “Environment Variables”. After selecting the said path containing “Java” just delete the same and then click on Ok going ahead. This should help you to resolve the “A JNI error has occurred in Minecraft” issue.

If after trying the above two ideal ways you are not able to address the issue of “A JNI error has occurred in Minecraft”, just resort to using the Restore Repair Tool that will not just scan the repositories but will also replace the corrupt files thereby solving “A JNI error has occurred in Minecraft” issue.

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