How to Fix It When Bluetooth Headphones Keep Cutting Out in Windows 11?

Is there anyone who knows about how to fix it when bluetooth headphones keep cutting out in Windows 11? I am facing some issues with this. Help me.

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Fix It When Bluetooth Headphones Keep Cutting Out in Windows 11

On Windows 11, Bluetooth headphones frequently stop working due to interference from other wireless devices. This problem can also be brought on by out-of-date headphone drivers, weak signal, limited battery life, and even choppy sound quality if you need to utilize the right Bluetooth profile.

What Leads to Windows 11's Bluetooth Headphones' Audio Being Choppy?

There are many reasons why Windows 11 users experience choppy Bluetooth headset audio, but interference is the most frequent problem. In addition to interruption via Wi-Fi networks and other Bluetooth devices, anything that interferes with radio signals can cause Bluetooth headphones to stop working.

Driver issues, Windows 11 settings, and headphones attempting to use the incorrect Bluetooth profile may lead to Bluetooth audio troubles. It's vital to examine these potential problems to pinpoint the precise cause of choppy Bluetooth audio.

How to Fix Bluetooth Headphones That Constantly Cut Out

Consider these repairs if the audio from your Bluetooth headphones is choppy or whether other Bluetooth devices are frequently cutting out:

Step 1: Restart your Bluetooth after turning it off. Turning your computer on and off and on again should resolve any short-term Bluetooth communication issues.

Step 2: Press the Bluetooth button once to turn it off, then click it again to switch it back on by clicking the Battery, Network, and Volume icons within the taskbar.

Step 3: Restart your Bluetooth device after turning it off. Your Bluetooth device could be compelled to restore its connection if you turn it off and back on; this can resolve issues with headphones clipping out.

Step 4: Open Settings > System > Troubleshoot > Other troubleshooters, choose Bluetooth and click Run to launch the Bluetooth troubleshooter. The troubleshooter will search for issues and, if probable, fix them.

Step 5: The audio troubleshooter must be run. Try the audio troubleshooter if all your Bluetooth devices function normally but only your audio has problems. The Bluetooth troubleshooter can be found in the same location as the automatic wizard.

Step 6: Open Settings > System > Troubleshoot > Other troubleshooters, find Playing Audio and click Run to launch the audio troubleshooter.

Step 7: Verify that the appropriate Bluetooth profile is being used. Certain Bluetooth headphones can be used as a headset to communicate or as headphones for the enjoyment of music. The audio quality could be better whenever used with the latter profile.

Step 8: To stop your headphones via utilizing an incorrect Bluetooth profile: Right-click your headphones and choose Properties after opening Settings > Bluetooth & devices > More devices and printer settings. Deselect Handsfree Telephony by selecting the Services tab, then click OK.

Step 9: Turn off other Bluetooth gadgets. Try turning off or unpairing other Bluetooth-enabled devices from the computer to see if there is any Bluetooth interference. Try switching off Bluetooth on your phone and other adjacent devices if it fails to connect.

Step 10: The interferer is still present if turning off a gadget makes your headphones function properly.

Step 11: Switch to another Wi-Fi band. As Bluetooth shares the same frequency as 2.4GHz Wi-Fi, see if your router offers 5GHz Wi-Fi. To test if your Bluetooth issue resolves, try changing the Wi-Fi network's channel or briefly turning it off.

Step 12: Avoid additional sources of interference. Bluetooth audio may become intermittent if anything that interferes with radio signals, such as microwave ovens, is used. Check to determine if your headphones are in working order and ensure no nearby causes of interference exist.

Step 13: Turn off any audio improvements. Multiple audio enhancement features in Windows 11 may interfere with Bluetooth audio. Try turning off the upgrades to see if it resolves the issue. Following that, you can decide whether to turn the enhancements off or turn them once again to see whether the problem reappears.

Step 14: Open Settings > System > Sound > More sound settings, click your Bluetooth headphones > Properties > Enhancements > Disable all enhancements, followed by choose Apply to turn off audio enhancements.

Step 15: Your Bluetooth drivers need to be updated. Removing and restarting the drivers may solve your Bluetooth driver's corruption or other issues.

Step 16: Right-click the Start button (Windows symbol), choose Device Manager, and follow by the > next to the Bluetooth item to reinstall your Bluetooth drivers. Uninstall the device by right-clicking on the Bluetooth headphones.

Step 17: Afterwards, you can restart the computer and watch for it to find your headphones again. You can also access Device Manager and choose Action > Check for hardware changes.

Step 18: Bluetooth Support Service should be restarted. Restarting the Bluetooth Support Service can restore functionality if the Bluetooth connectivity on the computer is the issue.

Step 19: Using Windows key + R, enter services. msc, and click OK to restart this. Locate Bluetooth Support Service, choose Stop from the context menu, and then choose Start. Then select Automatic through the Startup type dropdown menu when you right-click it a second time and choose Properties. 

Step 20: It reduced active roaming. This setting modifies how the Wi-Fi network adaptor on your computer behaves. See if the issue is resolved by setting it to the lowest value. Set it back to a higher level if it does not or if it harms your wireless connection.

Step 21: The Device Manager option can be found by selecting the Start (Windows icon) menu from the context menu. Then right-click the wireless connection adapter and choose Properties by clicking the > next to Network adapters. Then click OK after selecting Advanced > Roaming Aggressiveness and setting it to Lowest.

Your Bluetooth adaptor should be moved. If you use a USB Bluetooth adapter, move the adapter away from your device using a USB wire. It could be interacting with your headphones, or it could be too far away.


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There's a strong possibility that all wireless activity is disabled if your computer is in Airplane Mode. You cannot link any wireless devices to the computer during this situation. Normally, you turn the Airplane Mode switch from Off to On, but you may need to look further if that doesn't work. 

How can't Windows See my Headphones?

Usually, you have to switch your headphones off, back on, and finally put them in pairing mode. Manufacturer-specific instructions vary, but for the most part, you press a special button to set your headphones into pairing mode so adjacent computers may add them. 

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