How to Fix Pinnacle Game Profiler not Opening in Windows 10?

Hello Guys, Please let me know how to fix the pinnacle game profiler not opening in windows 10? I tried many times but failed So Can anyone have any idea? Help me.

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Pinnacle Game Profiler not Opening in Windows 10

If you don't know what Pinnacle game profiler is, then you have opened the right page as here you will get to know how to open Pinnacle Game Profiler. Also, you will get to know how to fix the problem of the Pinnacle Game Profiler not opening in Windows 10.

Here we are available with different methods to fix Pinnacle Game Profiler not opening in Windows 10 issue. 

Fix 1: Disable the Antivirus Software

Mentioned below are the steps that you need to carry out to disable the antivirus software. 

Step 1: Press the Windows key and X key simultaneously and then launch the task manager.

Step 2: Now, move to the Startup tab. 

Step 3: Then, open the Antivirus software and then press the button "Disable". 

Step 4: Reboot Windows once you have removed the antivirus utility from the startup.

The antivirus setting can be turned off temporarily simply just be selecting the Disable setting on the context menu of the system tray icon. Alternately, you can remove the utility from Windows 10 temporarily. 

Once you are done doing that, then think of an antivirus solution like Vipre as it works in the background and does not impact the launching of Pinnacle Game Profiler errors. Additionally, you must ensure that you are not compromising with the malware protection on your system and keeping it safe from potential viruses. 

Fix 2: Run PGP as Administrator

Step 1: Right-click on the shortcut of Pinnacle Game Profiler and then click on Properties.

Step 2: Choose the compatibility tab that is given right below it.

Step 3: Select the option of Run this program as Administrator. 

Step 4: Select the button of "Apply" and then select the button of Ok for closing the properties window of Pinnacle game profiler.  

Firstly, run PGP as Administrator. After that, right-click on its shortcut and choose Run as Administrator. Now, choose the software to run as Administrator.

Pinnacle game profiler is a software that can help you set up controller profiles for games on Windows. Many users have reported that the Pinnacle game profiler does not launch on Windows 10. They mention that errors show up out of nowhere.

Sometimes the software crashes the moment you launch it. If you are also troubled by error, then take a look below and fix the problem of Pinnacle game profiler not working on Windows 10.

nicktulk 25 August 2022
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Pinnacle Game Profiler Windows 10-

Fix 3: Update Pinnacle Installation

Another way to fix the Pinnacle Game profiler not opening in Windows 10 issue is to update the Pinnacle installation. The steps to do so are given below. 

Step 1: First of all, right-click on the Start button and then choose Run.

Step 2: Type appwiz.cpl in the open text box of Run and then select Ok to launch Programs and Features applet.

Step 3: Choose Pinnacle Game Profiler and then select the Change or Uninstall button. 

Step 4: Then, you are required to click on the option of "Update Pinnacle Installation". 

Step 5: Now, select Next. 

Step 6: There is an option of Repair Pinnacle Installation in the InstallShield Wizard. You can also use that to fix the PGP not launching issue. 

Fix 4: Reinstall PGP

Many users have reported that reinstalling the Pinnacle Game Profiler can help you in starting and running the software. Use a third-party app to uninstall the Pinnacle Game Profiler.

You can use the IObit uninstaller. This program will do deep clean scanning to delete each and every file of a program and the modifications it made on your system at the time of installation.

Also, it removes all the programs, which are not easy to uninstall. After that, go to the main website of Pinnacle to install the most updated version. 

Fix 5: Adjust Date

Here are the steps that you need to perform to adjust the date to fix Pinnacle Game Profiler not opening in Windows 10

Step 1: Press the button of "Type here to search".

Step 2: Now, select the search box and enter the date in it. After that, click on Change Date and Time. 

Step 3: Toggle off the options of set time automatically.

Step 4: After that, select the button of Change to open the change date and time Window.

Step 5: Select a date in the previous month and then click on Change.

mortenharley 25 August 2022
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