How to Fix Windows 10 Boot Loop After Update?

Hello Guys, Please let me know That How to Fix Windows 10 Boot Loop After Update. I don't know how to fix it. I tried many times but unable to fix it. Help me


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Fix Windows 10 Boot Loop After Update

Windows 10 offer you few really good features that were not only great for desktop users but, this time, Microsoft had actually found a correct way to integrate support for touch-based system on Windows 10, and both desktop, as well as touch experiences, were kept separate from each other this time which permits users to use Windows 10 the way they want to use it.

Steps to Fix Windows 10 Boot Loop After Update

Find below the steps to fix Windows 10 Boot Loop After Update:

Step 1. The Use of Command Prompt

In case, Boot loop has created problems because of corrupted files in your hard drive you can restore a fresh copy of the same files previously-stored by Windows.

To restore the files, follow these steps.

  • Restart your computer a few times.
  • Guide to Troubleshoot, open Advanced options then open command prompt.
  • When the prompt open to input the following codes.

C: - cdWindowsSystem32config – MD backup – copy .backup – CD regback – copy.
If the system asks you to overwrite files, tap ‘A’ then tap Enter. Enter exit to finish the process.

Step 2. Use Safe Mode

A boot loop issue can also be recovered by placing your system in safe mode. Safe mode is an area on Windows that performs on a default setting and can aid a successful troubleshooting process.

  • Permit your computer to restart a few times at the time booting
  • Throughout the repeated restart, you will be provided with several options.
  • Tap on Troubleshoot – Advanced options – Startup settings then click RestartAfter the Restart you will see several options on your screen. Click Safe Mode with Networking.

Under your PC in Safe mode, the boot loop issue will dissolve but in case it doesn’t, take the help of the Troubleshooter option to verify and fix errors.

 Step 3. Ensure that Drivers are up to Date

Outdated drivers are also the reason behind a boot loop issue. Next, on the safe side make sure that your drivers are updated to the current version. Updating drivers manually can be very stressful since you will have to search online for the proper ones but with a driver update software, you can update your drivers automatically.

Recoverit is simple to use and will help you scan the web for updated drivers for your device. Then, installing Recoverit or any other software of your choice, launch it and follow the instructions provided to update drivers.

Step 4.Disconnect Unnecessary Devices from your PC

Using all sorts of external devices such as USB's can cause boot loop problems. If you wish to be sure that an external drive is not the cause of the problem, you need to disconnect all drives from your device and see if the problem will be resolved.

As a general rule, disconnect external decisions from your system when performing an update including WiFi adapters.

Step 5.Disable Boot in BIOS

You shouldn’t be surprised if your BIOS is the reason why your PC is failing to boot. If the secure boot in BIOS is the cause, disabling it will likely fix the error.

  • Permit your PC to Reboot consecutively a few times
  • Choose to Troubleshoot – Advanced options – UEFI Firmware – Tap on the Restart
  • Your PC will boot in BIOS
  • Now locate the Secure Boot feature to disable it. Disable TPM too.

Through these changes made to your BIOS, your PC should restart successfully if the secure boot was the cause of the boot loop bug.

Step 6.Disable Internet Network

Few users who have suffered this problem claim that the boot loop problem started after connecting their PC to the internet. This allegation may be true because if there are available updates for download such as Windows will try to download updates the moment you connect to the internet and it may cause system reboot issues.

On Windows 10, the developer found a way to include a touch supported system into desktop computers but users had the luxury of deciding whether they wanted to use the feature or not. Moreover, the touch-based feature, Windows 10 also has various other features not found in older versions that users came to enjoy.

But with all the benefits of this application, users started facing boot loop issues. This led to Microsoft issuing several solutions to users looking to fix windows 10 Boot Loop After Update.


These are all possible ways to fix Windows 10 Boot Loop After Update.

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