How to Fix Windows 10 Login Screen not Appearing?

Please let me know that how to fix Windows 10 login screen not appearing. While I am trying to start it. If you know then give me any idea.

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Fix Windows 10 Login Screen not Appearing:

Microsoft develops Windows - The operating system can be defined as an interface between the user and the computer. It depicts the machine language as a graphical orientation on the screen that helps users interact with the backend codes without going into the hassle of typing codes every time to perform day-to-day functions.

To unlock the login screen, windows many options such as

  • Enter Password/Pin manually
  • Fingerprint Unlock
  • Face Unlock

One of the common problems which many users have come across is Windows 10 login screen not appearing. In this article, we bring to you the causes of this problem and how you can overcome them.


  1. Black/Blue Login Screen is seen with no pictures
  2. Login Screen with background picture is visible, but Username and Password options are unavailable

It must be noted that we can follow only these steps if you can see the desktop. Otherwise, it is advised to enter boot into Safe Mode, Clean Boot State, or use Advanced Startup Options for initial booting.

The solution step/steps to be followed when Windows 10 login screen not appearing:

Run System Restore:

It might be possible that you have updated your system recently and there was some issue in the update or the update was not installed properly. In that case, the system always creates a restored image that can be accessed.

Restore the system to that date/time before the system update and block the pop-ups for the particular update. You can also choose to delay the particular update if you want.

Press Alt+Ctrl+Delete:

The above keys are simultaneously pressed if you have the option of secure login already enabled on your system. Here, after logging off, the OS adds a layer of security so that we can keep a session secure by asking the user to log in again with the credentials.

However, you can disable this function in the settings option.

Mandatory Usage of Password to Log in:

In case you wish to check this setting, open the Run command (windows button + R) and type "control userpasswords2''. This will take you to the settings of managing the usernames and passwords for the accounts you have created.

You now have to uncheck the checkbox which says "Users must enter a username and password to use this computer". Apply the settings and click OK. You will be prompted to enter your password again. If you don't have a password, you can leave it as blank.

In case it is already checked, uncheck the box which allows you to login without a username or password.

Disable the Fast Startup Option:

Sometimes the Fast Startup feature of Windows 10 is a turnoff as it interferes with the login process. Users can opt to disable the Fast startup Option from the Power Option in the control panel.

In case the process does not yield desired results, please consider reverting to the previous settings.

Troubleshoot in Clean Boot State:

Windows 10 comes in handy to troubleshoot your problems in both online and offline mode. When you enter the Clean Boot State, the system automatically scans for any third-party software that might be causing a threat to login existing functionalities.

This option is preferred when Windows 10 login screen is not appearing.

New User Account Creation:

It may be possible that while working in a particular session, the account got corrupted, which is a vital reason that you are unable to login. As this account is pretty difficult to revive, it is suggested that you create a new account and later copy the data.

Run Startup Repair:

Running the startup repair function while booting would be a good way to troubleshoot this problem.

A Fresh Start:

The last resort would be to reinstall the entire OS and improve the system's speed and overall workability.

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