How to Fix Windows 10 Update Stuck on Checking for Updates Issue?

Hello Guys, Please let me know how to fix windows 10 update stuck on checking for updates issue? I tried many times but failed So Can anyone have any idea? Help me.

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Windows 10 Update Stuck on Checking for Updates Issue

Certainly, there are times when your laptop's fan is working at high speed while it is plugged in. Few might think of it as a fan problem. Looking deeper into it, it was found that Windows wasn't able to update automatically as it got interrupted every time. Now, what can you do if you got Win­dows 10 update stuck on check­ing for updates issue? Even if you are checking for updates manually, you freeze on the 'Checking for Updates' screen.

One application svchost.exe under Task Manager is causing problems to the fan speed. So, now it's important to troubleshoot and fix the cause that is hampering the function of other applications. Let's quickly start with this guide. 

Troubleshooting Ways - Win­dows 10 Update Stuck on Check­ing for Updates Issue

1. Restart your computer system

Whenever the Win­dows 10 update stuck on check­ing for updates issue, simply reboot your computer once. With this action, you can stop your computer from checking for updates and subsequently fix the issue.

2. Set correct date and time

Ensure that the date and time are correctly set on your PC. Sometimes, the wrong data/time information can mess up your Windows updates. Here are the steps to verify:

Step 1. Right-click on the clock icon shown on your taskbar and pick the correct date/time from the menu.
A Settings window is then displayed that allows you to enable 'Set time automatically' and also click on the 'Sync now' option under Synchronize your clock.

Step 2. But if the 'Set time automatically' option is already enabled, then turn it off and enable it again.

3. Use a different browser

Certain times, the problem occurs with your network. Try connecting your PC with a different Wi-Fi connection. Moreover, you can use a hotspot from your phone to connect your PC. Once you are connected to a new network, restart your PC. Hopefully, Win­dows 10 update stuck on check­ing for updates issue is now resolved.

4. Disable or update antivirus

In many cases, the installed antivirus stops the Windows from updating. So, to fix it, you can disable it for some time or check if there's an update available for the antivirus. For that, open your antivirus application and you will be prompted to update it. Once updated, you can restart your Windows and try to download available updates. If there is no update then disable it temporarily. Further, try checking the Windows updates again.

5. Disable updates for Microsoft products

Another option to try when Win­dows 10 update stuck on check­ing for updates issue is to disable updates for other Microsoft products. You can do this setting from Updates itself. Here’s how to perform:

Step 1: Launch Settings on your PC. Use shortcuts Windows key + I together to launch the Settings.

Step 2: Navigate to the Update & Security section and click on Advanced options.

Step 3: Simply disable ‘Receive updates for other Microsoft products when you update Windows’ option.

Step 4: Lastly, restart your PC and check for updates. 

6. Restart Windows updates

In the context of Windows, a process and service are two different things. Restarting a service can potentially fix many issues. Follow the given steps:

Step 1: Launch PC search and type Run. Alternatively, you can press Windows key + R shortcut to open it.

Step 2: Type and enter services.msc in the Run dialog box.

Step 3: In the Services window, scroll down and check for Windows Update. Right-click on it and click Stop. Hold for some time then right-click again to Start.

7. Launch update troubleshooter

Still, Win­dows 10 update stuck on check­ing for updates issue? Try running the native troubleshooter provided by Windows itself. Here are the steps:

Step 1: Launch Settings on your computer using shortcuts Windows key + I.

Step 2: Under the Update & security section, click on Troubleshoot on the left side.

Step 3: Now, click on Windows Update and click on Run the troubleshooter button.

Step 4: Let the troubleshooter process to complete.

8. Run disk cleanup

If you are facing Win­dows 10 update stuck on check­ing for updates issue again, then directly perform disk cleanup on the C drive. This helps in deleting bad and corrupt files, creating problems for new downloads. How to do? Check below.

Step 1: Go to This PC folder on your computer.

Step 2: Right-click on the C drive and click on Properties.

Step 3: Under the General tab, click on Disk Cleanup.

Step 4: Inside the Disk Cleanup window, select Delivery Optimization Files from other preselected ones, and click OK.

Step 5: Finally, restart your PC.

Hope this perfectly resolves Win­dows 10 update stuck on check­ing for updates issue.

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