How To Fix Windows 11 Black Screen Issues?

Please let me know how to fix Windows 11 black screen issues. I am facing some issues while working on Windows 11. Help me.

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Fix Windows 11 Black Screen Issues:

Whenever using Windows 11, it has been found to happen when carrying out a range of tasks on desktop computers and tablets, including laptops. This phenomenon is commonly known as the Windows 11 Black Screen of Death. Sometimes the screen turns off, and other times it stays on but cannot show any images.

Just as frequently as the Windows 11 black screen after login issue Windows 11 is stuck on a black screen before login. The black screen can also appear when an app is launched and closed when watching media, when a computer is connected to an external power source, and following an app, driver, or operating system update has been installed.

How Can I Fix The Black Screen Issue In Windows 11? 

Here are some tried-and-true fixes for the Windows 11 Black Screen Issues. Work through them in the sequence given, going from the quickest and most straightforward to the most time-consuming, along with the complex.

Step 1: Activate the monitor. Remember to turn on your external monitor if you use one. Additionally, make sure it is plugged into a power source.

Step 2: The monitor's brightness settings can be changed. Someone may have decreased the brightness settings. Certain keyboards and most computer monitors include physical buttons that can perform this.

Step 3: It's possible to choose the incorrect input source.

Step 4: Your graphics card is probably incompatible with this task if you only experience black screens when utilizing a specific software or video game.

Step 5: Check that the monitor's connection wire is appropriately plugged in after turning off your computer. Additionally, check the cable to determine if it has been harmed or shows signs of wear and strain.

Step 6: Although functional, this feature has a history of resulting in black screens.

Step 7: Roll back the drivers for Monitors and Display Adaptors if you can access your computer on a different display to see if that resolves the problem.

Step 8: Roll back to a restore point where everything was as it was when you first noticed the black screen issue if you think a recent change you made to your Windows 11 device is the cause.

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