How to Fix Windows Defender Error Code 0x80004004?

Hello Everyone, Please let me know how to fix windows defender error code 0x80004004? I tried many times but failed. So Can anyone have any idea? Help me.

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Windows Defender Error Code 0x80004004

Have you encountered Windows Defender Error Code 0x80004004 with your installed operating system? Well, error code 0x80004004 is one of the most common and troublesome errors to fix. This error is not specific to any area of your computer, irrespective of the Windows OS you have installed.

The complete point implies that you cannot pinpoint its main cause, although it is associated with the Windows Defender program or Microsoft Security essential. It is basically a security service offered by Microsoft that protects your computer from external threats and risks.

Usually, the Windows Defender Error Code 0x80004004 shows on your computer screen with a message indicating “Error 0x80004004: E_ABORT. The error might be due to an aborted operation” or something similar like “Virus and Spyware definitions Couldn’t be updated“. In fact, you may see some symptoms several days before the error actually occurs.

Consequently, your computer becomes very slow, and a running program may hang or crash as a breakdown. There is no specific time while you get this Windows Defender Error Code 0x80004004 on your system. This can occur when you are updating Windows Defender, during install of a program, while upgrading the OS, and when you are starting or shutting down your computer.

Potential Causes for Windows Defender Error Code 0x80004004?

  • Corrupted registry files
  • Pending program installation/un-installation
  • Queued un-installed updates
  • Installed anti-virus or malware program
  • Unreliable Internet connection
  • Virus/Malware attacks
  • Damaged/outdated computer drivers
  • Sector failure in the hard disk

Methods to Fix Windows Defender Error Code 0x80004004

You cannot find a specific solution to fix Windows Defender Error Code 0x80004004. This is because there are multiple causes for this error code which can be resolved differently.

Basic Steps

Importantly, you need to make a note when the Error Code 0x80004004 occurs. Relate its occurrence with what you are doing on the computer like starting or accessing any program. 

1. The first simple measure to resolve the error is to cross-check that your computer’s connection to the Internet is reliable and stable. An
unreliable Internet connection aborts the ongoing operation.
2. Install and run some anti-virus/malware program to clear any potential viruses residing in the computer system. A full scan is recommended.
3. An installed anti-virus/malware program prevents some useful operations so disable it while you are executing an important operation.

Launch Troubleshooter

You can run Windows Update Troubleshooter to fix Windows Defender Error Code 0x80004004.

1. Press the key combination of Win + W.
2. Type and enter “Troubleshooter”, then select the “View all” option.
3. Select the “Windows Update troubleshooter” option.
4. Complete the on-screen instructions to understand what you were doing before the error occurred.

Delete Junk Files

Using computers over a period of time leads to the accumulation of junk files. Hence causing internal conflicts along with overloading your computer’s hard disk. So, removing such junk files and folders is one way to resolve error 0x80004004.

1. Press the key combination as Win + X key to launch Menu.
2. Choose the “Command Prompt (Admin)” option.
3. Click on the “Yes” button and run the command prompt as an admin.
4. Type and enter the command, “cleanmgr”.
5. The tool automatically runs and starts calculating the total space used on the hard disk. Further, you can check all the dialogue boxes
occupied by unnecessary files including the temporary file box.
6. Click the “OK” button and allow the tool to remove all junk files. Resume the work you were last doing to check whether the error is resolved
or not.

Install Pending Updates

One possible reason for the Windows Defender Error Code 0x80004004 is that the updates are downloaded but not installed. Such pending updates trouble your system by causing problems, including error 0x80004004. This is how you can check for any pending updates and install them.

1. Click the “Start” menu.
2. Type and enter “Update” in the search box.
3. Search for any uninstalled update(s) on the resultant Windows Update dialogue box that shows. When found, right-click on each and update the
4. Get back to the work you left before the error occurred to see whether or not it still occurs.

Upgrade Computer Drivers

Another potential fix for this Error Code 0x80004004 is to update the important drivers for your computer system. They are responsible to facilitate communication between the system and all the installed programs or applications. Therefore, they must be installed up-to-date for smooth computer operations. Any damaged or outdated drivers can result in this particular error code. 

1. Right-click on “My Computer” and select “Properties” >> “Device Manager”.
2. Go to all the device list having a yellow exclamation mark.
3. Right-click all such drivers and choose the “Update Driver” option for each.
4. Lastly, restart your computer.

Hope that resolves your Windows Error Code 0x80004004 problem.


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