How to Increase PC Performance on Windows 10?

Is there anyone who knows about how to increase PC performance on Windows 10? I am facing some issues while operating Windows 10. If you know then give me sugesstion.

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Increase PC Performance on Windows 10:

We all know that Windows 10 is pretty fast but at times its performance level starts to degrade. There can be several reasons responsible for the slow performance of Windows 10. These include hardware issues, malware problems, bugs, and compatibility issues. 

If you find that your device getting slow, then you must apply the tips and tricks to improve the performance of your system. There is no need to get your device replaced immediately. Simple hardware and software tweaks can increase the performance of your Windows 10 computer. 

Here in this guide, you will get to know different ways to boost the speed of your Windows 10 computer. So, let's discuss them one by one. 

1) Restart Your Device

This is one of the simplest solutions and works almost in the case of every technical problem. Restarting the device can enhance the overall performance of your system. When you reboot your device, all the applications running in the background will close. 

All the data saved in the memory will get cleared. This will help you in resolving performance-related problems. 

Below are the simple steps that you need to follow to shut down your device. 

Step 1: Launch Start menu.

Step 2: After that, press the Power button

Step 3: Now, click on Shut Down

Step 4: Then, power on your computer by pressing the power button. 

Once you are done carrying out all these steps, the performance of your system will improve. 

2) Turn Off Startup Applications

Many apps can start on their own after configuration. These apps run continuously in the background and waste the resources of your system, which further affects the speed of your device. To boost the speed of your Windows 10, you must turn off these apps running in the background. 

Below are the steps that you need to follow to disable these apps at startup. 

Step 1: Launch Settings.

Step 2: After that, select Apps

Step 3: Now, select Startup. 

Step 4: Choose the menu of Sort By and then choose the option of Startup Impact. 

Step 5: Disable the apps that you don't need. 

Step 6: Now, reboot your PC. 

Disabling the startup apps will increase the speed of your computer. However, the improvement in speed may differ based on the apps you disable. 

3) Disable Apps and then Relaunch Them 

Windows 10 has a feature that resumes applications from the last session immediately after you restart your PC. This feature is useful in the sense that it allows you to pick up things from where you left. But it can slow down your system as well. 

In case re-launch at startup is turned on, then turn it off by following the steps below. 

Step 1: Launch Settings.

Step 2: After that, select Accounts

Step 3: Select the Sign-in option. 

Step 4: Move the toggle switch towards the left below the section of "Restart apps". 

This will disable the apps to relaunch automatically after you restart your PC. Therefore, enhancing the speed of your system. 

4) Turn off Background Apps

There are some apps that run in the background all the time. If you want to increase PC performance on Windows 10, then you can limit the number of apps running in the background. This will surely enhance the speed of your system. 

Below are the simple steps that you need to perform to disable background apps. 

Step 1: First of all, launch Settings

Step 2: Now, select the option of Privacy. 

Step 3: After that, choose the option of background apps. 

Step 4: Turn off the toggle for all the background apps you don't want to run.


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