How to Make your Windows 11 Taskbar Always on Top?

Please let me know that How to Make your Windows 11 Taskbar Always on Top. I am facing some issues with this while using Windows 11. Help me.

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Make your Windows 11 Taskbar Always on Top

You'll need a special tool to resolve Windows PC system problems. Fortect is a program that does more than just clean up your computer; it has an archive with a great deal of Windows system data saved in its original form and makes your Windows 11 Taskbar Always on Top.

If there is a problem with your PC, Fortect will take care of it by replacing corrupt files with new ones.

Outlined are the steps that you must follow in order to resolve your current PC problem:

Step 1: Get Fortect and set it up on your computer.

Step 2: - Start the tool's checking procedure to look for damaged files that might be the root of your issue.

Step 3: - To start the tool's repairing algorithm, right-click on Start Repair.

On Windows 11, How do I Maintain the Taskbar at the Top?

Step 1: - Use Regedit first

Step 2: - Regedit can be entered by pressing operating systems key + R, then clicking OK.

Step 3: - Go to the following path in the left section to navigate:

Step 4: - HKEY_CURRENT_USER\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer\taskbar frequently on top in Windows 11 StuckRects3 path

Step 5: - Next, select Export by right-clicking the StuckRects3 key.

Step 6: - Choose a name for the REG file that you can easily remember and save it to your desktop. In the event that something goes wrong later, this will act as a backup.

Step 7: - Double-click on the Settings value to reveal its properties after that.

Step 8: - Windows 11 settings taskbar perpetually on top

Step 9: - Place your cursor on line 0008 before the 03 value in the fifth column.

Step 10: - Hold down the Delete button once more to eliminate the value 03.

If my Taskbar doesn't Stay at the Top, How can I Resolve It?

Step 1: - Start Windows Explorer again.

Step 2: - Select Task Manager by pressing the Windows key and X.

Step 3: - Task manager in Windows 10's always-top taskbar

Step 4: - End task can be chosen by right-clicking the Windows Explorer process.

Step 5: - Finish the task

Step 6: - Select Run a fresh task by clicking the File button at the top of the screen.

Step 7: - Finally, enter explorer.exe and press OK.

Expert Advice:

Some PC issues are challenging to resolve, particularly when it pertains to missing or damaged Windows system files and repositories.

Use a specialized program, such as Fortect, to scan your files and replace any that are corrupt with brand-new copies from its repository.

The File Explorer application and the Taskbar are under the control of the Windows Explorer process. So, if the taskbar on Windows 11 won't stay at the top, you ought to rerun the process; this should help you get things back to normal, and don’t forget to make your Windows 11 Taskbar Always on Top.

Still, having Problems?

If the aforementioned suggestions haven't solved your computer's Windows problems, more serious problems may arise. To effectively solve issues, we advise deciding on a one-stop solution like Fortect. Simply select View&Fix and then Start Repair after installation.

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