How to Reinstall Microsoft OneDrive on Windows 10?

Hello Everyone,Please let me know how to reinstall microsoft onedrive on windows 10?.I don't know how to reinstall it. I tried many times but unable to reinstall it.So can anyone have any idea?

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Reinstall Microsoft OneDrive on Windows 10

Do you need to work on OneDrive but have to uninstall it? Do not panic, you can install it again easily. In this blog, I will provide you with the method to reinstall OneDrive Windows 10. But before proceeding to the methods we should first go to its definition.

What Is Microsoft OneDrive?

OneDrive is one of the best and most popular cloud storage services that are deeply integrated with not only Microsoft Office but also Windows too. In fact, in Windows 10, OneDrive comes pre-installed.

The good fact is when it is compared to other cloud storage services such as Google Drive, what makes OneDrive unique is its files on-demand feature. With this feature, you can find all the files and folders in OneDrive without downloading them.

When needed, the folder or files will be self automatically downloaded for you. Windows 10 consists of a built-in copy of the installer for OneDrive that you can run right away without waiting for a download.

If you are facing any trouble with OneDrive, one of the easiest ways to solve the issue is to uninstall OneDrive and then reinstall it. If you've already uninstalled OneDrive for whatever reason, here is how you can reinstall OneDrive Windows 10 in simple steps.

Methods To Reinstall OneDrive in Windows 10

The following are some of the easy methods to reinstall OneDrive in Windows 10.

Method 1:- Install A Backup Copy Of The One Driver Installer

Below are the steps for this method.

Step 1) Visit the File Explorer option. After that click on “This PC”  and open the system drive where Windows 10 is installed (usually it is in C:\ drive). 

Step 2) Go to the folder of Windows and then click on the WinSxS folder. In the search box, write one drive and then wait till the OneDriveSetup setup file appears.

Step 3) Once you are to find it, double-click on it to start the setup and you should be on your right way to reinstall OneDrive.

Hence you have successfully Reinstall Microsoft OneDrive on Windows 10.

So, if you ever face a problem with OneDrive like it is not working properly then do not forget, you can uninstall OneDrive. For users who don’t want to be engaged by a feature they aren’t using, you can keep it off your system by following steps.

1) Go to Start.

2) Click on Settings.

3) Click on the Apps and then on Apps & features. Scroll down to Microsoft OneDrive, Press enter on the Uninstall option.

Note: These instructions are applicable only on the desktop version of OneDrive. 

Method 2:- Reinstall OneDrive from File Explorer

Below is the step by step guide for this method.

Windows always keep the installation file within the system's root directory so that in the future if you need to reinstall OneDrive you can get there easily from there. However, this file is kept deep within the files of the system. All you need to do is search the installation file and run it.

1. Firstly, go to File Explorer by hitting on the taskbar icon or with the help of the keyboard shortcut Win + E keys.

2. From the file explorer, copy and paste the below address bar and press Enter.

If you have a computer with  32-bit 

Type : %systemroot%\System32\

If you have a computer with  64-bit 

Type: %systemroot%\SysWOW64\

3. Once you are done, double-click on the - OneDriveSetup.exe  file. For easy use, use the search bar on the top-right corner of the file explorer.

4. As soon as the file is opened, Windows will start to install OneDrive. Just navigate the installation wizard to complete the process to install OneDrive on Windows 10.

Method 3:- Reinstall Onedrive On Windows 10 Using Command Prompt

Below is the step by step guide for this method.

1. First of all, search  "cmd" from the Start menu.

2. Once you get that, right-click on -Command Prompt and click on "Run as administrator".

3. In the cmd window, run the following command according to your system architecture.

If you are having a 32-bit computer = %systemroot%\System32\OneDriveSetup.exe

If you are having a 64-bit computer = %systemroot%\SysWOW64\OneDriveSetup.exe

4.As you execute the command, the process of installing OneDrive on your system will start.


Above in this blog, I have provided you some easy methods to Reinstall Microsoft OneDrive on Windows 10.

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