How to Remove Chromium Malware from Windows 10?

Is there anyone who knows about how to remove Chromium malware from Windows 10? I am facing some issues while operating windows 10. Help me removing this malware.

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Remove Chromium Malware from Windows 10:

If you wish to delete the Chromium virus from your computer system, then you need to carry out the instructions to uninstall and remove Chromium. This browser is a legal open-source browser that creates the base for the Google Chrome browser. However, the writers are using the name Chromium for pushing malware to Windows computers. 

It doesn't matter if you use the Google Chrome browser or not, malware cannot attack your device. There are various Chromium-based browsers, which are doubtful and have the ability to compromise your system. They can collect and steal sensitive information. Also, they can track you. Moreover, they can lead to browser redirects, show popups, and display advertisements. 

Chromium virus can enter your system through spam e-mails. As PUP can get into your computer, you must stay alert while the software installation is going on. Then, you need to check that the third-party offers aren't hidden below the option of Advanced or custom install. 

Once done, it is going to take over hijack URL associations and file associations. First, it is going to make itself the default browser, and then it will modify the homepage of your browser. Plus, it will change the default search engine. 

Remove the Chromium Virus

In case you come across a computer system infected by the Chromium virus, then below are the things that you can do. Close all internet browsers and launch Task Manager. You will find a running Chromium process.

The logo of this browser is the same as the logo of your Chrome browser. However, the color is different. The color of the Chromium browser's logo is blue. If you see any chromium.exe process, then you must kill it. 

Now, launch your Control Panel and then select the option of Programs and Features. In case you see any suspicious program, then you must uninstall the program. If you wish to take precautions, then launch C:\Users\username\AppData\Local hidden folder. After that, remove the Chromium folder. In case you are using Google Chrome, then the folder will populate itself again with important data. 

Then, you should launch your installed browsers and then take a look at the extensions and add-ons of your installed browser. It is advisable to run a complete scan of your antivirus software together with AdwCleaner. This tool is great at uninstalling Potentially Unwanted Programs and Browser Hijackers. 

When you are done with all this, you should go ahead and set the desired home age of your browser. Also, set your desired search engine as the default search on your internet browser. 

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