How To Remove Trojan Virus From Windows 10?

Is there anyone who knows about how to remove Trojan virus from Windows 10. I am facing some issues with Trojan Virus while operating Windows 10. Help me.

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Remove Trojan Virus From Windows 10

Today, the online world is filled with security risks that can harm or affect your computer's performance. The danger can be in any form, like spyware, identity thieves, viruses, and many more. If you have any time encountered the Trojan virus in your Windows 10 then you must find a method to remove the virus from your computer.

You can get rid of the virus by scanning your system with the help of Windows Defender. With the help of this scanner, you can remove the virus. You can also try running Windows Defender in offline mode using antivirus software, running your computer in a safe mode, and uninstalling & resetting  Windows 10.


By Scanning Your System Using Windows Defender

Windows Defender Scan is a free scanning option available on Windows. After you are over with scanning your PC or laptop using Windows Defender, the Trojan infecting your system will either get quarantined or removed.

Follow the following steps to run Windows Defender

Step 1: Press the Start button on the Windows Desktop screen and search Windows Defender Security Center, and click on it now.

Step 2: Now click on Virus & Threat Protection option available on the Menu bar on the top left panel.

Step 3: Go to the Advanced Scan option and then click on Full Scan. 

Step 4: Now, press the Scan Now option to start the process of scanning.

Running Windows Defender in Offline Mode

You may, alternatively, execute an offline Windows Defender Scan to remove Trojan viruses from Windows 10. But this alternative process may take a long time when you are prompted to restart the system while offline Windows Defender Scan is underway.

Here is how you can perform a Windows Defender Offline Scan.

Step 1: Again go to Virus & Threat Protection option on the Menu bar top left panel after opening Windows Defender Security.

Step 2: Select the option of Windows Defender Offline Scan by clicking on the relevant Check Box. Click on Scan Now to start the scanning process.

Using an Antivirus Software

Using antivirus software is also a very common and effective way to remove Trojan Virus from Windows 10. It can either be purchased online or from a local computer vendor. Many versions of Antivirus Software are available free while other latest versions are to be paid for.

Here is the process of installing the antivirus software and running the System Scan.

Step 1: Download the free version of antivirus software from the internet.

Step 2: Alternatively, extract the copy of the executable file of your antivirus software.

Step 3: Initiate the process of installing the antivirus software by opening the executable file and running the Antivirus Software wizard.

Step 4: After the antivirus software is installed, click on the system scan tab or button to take forward the virus scanning process. (Remember the System Scan option may be known by some other name also as the antivirus software is provided by different companies). 

Running Your System in Safe Mode

Many a time your system may prevent your antivirus to execute a System scan, which can be fixed by running your laptop or PC in Safe Mode.

Here is how you can run your system in Safe Mode.

Step 1: Simultaneously, press the Windows icon along with R.

Step 2: Type Msconfig and press Enter.

Step 3: Now click on the Boot tab and click on Safe Boot to run your system in Safe Mode.

Uninstalling and Resetting the Windows 10

Even if the Trojan could not be treated by following the above steps, then in such a scenario you can reset your Windows 10 after uninstalling it and subsequently allowing Windows Defender to scan your laptop.

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