How to Reset Network Settings in Windows 10?

Hello Guys, Please let me know how to reset network settings in windows 10? I tried many times but failed. So Can anyone have any idea? Help me.

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Reset Network Settings in Windows 10

In windows 10, connectivity issues are really common among the users, and at times resetting the network settings has also been proven to be effective. Below are some of the alternative ways to reset network settings in Windows 10.

A. Network reset using the settings

  1. Press the Windows key + S hotkey spontaneously.
  2. Next, in the search box, enter the keyword network status.
  3. Click Network status to open the window and then on the network status link at the bottom of your status tab.
  4. Press on the Reset now button.
  5. Click Yes on the Network reset dialog box that opens.
  6. Now once your desktop or laptop restarts, click on the network icon on your system tray.
  7. Following that, click on your preferred network and press on the connect button for it.

B. TCP/IP and Winsock reset using the command prompt

  1. Firstly, click on the “type here to search” option from your Windows 10 taskbar.
  2. Now in the search box, enter the keyword command.
  3. Next, to go to a context menu you will have to right-click on the command prompt.
  4. Select the Run as administrator option for the Command Prompt.
  5. In the command prompt, enter netsh int ip reset and press the Enter keyboard key.
  6. To reset Winsock, enter the netsh Winsock reset command; and press the Enter key.
  7. Now once your screen displays the Winsock reset completed successfully message, Close the Command Prompt.
  8. Lastly, Restart Windows after closing the Command Prompt.

C. Enable and disable the network connection to reset network settings in Windows 10

  1. In the windows 10 search box, enter “network connections” in order to enable and disable the network connection using the control panel.
  2. Click View network connections to open the window and then Right-click on your network connection to select Disable.
  3. Wait for a few minutes, and then right-click on the disabled network connection again to select Enable.

D. Connecting to a proxy server to reset network settings in Windows 10

In case you want to connect to a corporate network using a proxy server then you will have to reconfigure the settings of your proxy server. Here are a few steps to do so.

  1. Go to the start menu and enter the internet options.
  2. Next, click on the internet options and a new window will appear.
  3. From that window, click on the connections tab.
  4. After that, click on the LAN settings button, and in the LAN Settings window, choose to Use a proxy server for your LAN. Now Enter the address for your corporate LAN proxy server in the address field. Click on OK on both windows to accept the changes.
  5. Lastly, restart your computer device for the changes to take effect, and your network card to reconnect to your corporate network.

talking about the Network Reset Utility, it was originally introduced by Microsoft in order for people to quickly resolve network problems caused by the update. The utility still remains to help people fix network connection issues.

The network reset utility also tends to set every networking component on your system back to the original factory settings. The components that get reset are as follows:

  • Winsock: This is an interface for applications that handles input and output requests to the internet.
  • TCP/IP: This stands for Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol, and allows all network devices on your computer to communicate over the internet.

In case if you have changed or modified any of these settings from their defaults, then you will be required to note down these settings because performing a network reset will remove any custom settings. However, most people have all of these components set to automatically detect, so in most cases, you won't see any issues after a network reset.

Above are a few ways to reset network settings in Windows 10 and fix the connectivity issues. We hope the above article helped you to do so.

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