How to Resolve Pogo games sign in problems?

Are you getting any Pogo game sign-in problems? Resolve any of your account-related issues in 10 minutes or less without any hassles. Most of the Pogo users falling in the age band of 35-45 years are interested in playing online games which ultimately sharpens their mind, control, memory, analytical and alert power.

Keeping this fact in mind there are times when they face certain problems with their registered account on They might face a simple username or password issue while they are about to access and play the pogo game.

To deal with such login issues, this blog post guides you on the necessary steps that should be taken to resolve pogo games sign-in problems.

Various Sign-in Problems Faced by Pogo Users?

Pogo players usually go through the basic set of Pogo sign-in problems listed below:

  • Unable to log in to your Pogo account.
  • Forgotten your Pogo account Password.
  • Forgot your Pogo account username or Pogo screen name.
  • Want to Reset your Pogo account username or password?

This blog further covers each of these Pogo sign-in issues in detail which will help the users in fixing the problems with their Pogo accounts.

Note: The sign-in guide discussed below is applicable for all kinds of Pogo users regardless of whether they are a member of a free Pogo account or Club Pogo membership.

Basic Troubleshooting Steps to Fix Pogo Games Sign-in Problems

Step 1: Ensure that the username you are using to sign in to your Pogo account is correct. If you are not sure about the correct username, check the email registered with your Pogo account. When you register with the Pogo account, you are provided a unique username in one of those emails.

Step 2: Use the Hit and Trial method to recover the old Pogo account password. Ensure that you are typing the account password correctly keeping in mind the case-sensitive characters. This is because most of the passwords are case-sensitive.

Step 3: Sometimes it happens that your Pogo account is used by multiple users of the same family which means that multiple users have access to the single Pogo account. You can contact the other users and try passwords for the same Pogo account.

Step 4: If any of the above tips do not work in remembering the username and password, then perform a Quick password reset to resolve your Pogo sign-in problems.

Steps to Reset Pogo Account Password

If you want to recover your Pogo account and you have no idea about your password, then simply reset the password by following the steps given below.

Step 1: Open any installed browser on your systems like Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Or Safari. For fresh access to the website, clear the saved cache and cookie information of your browser.

Step 2: Enter in the address bar of your Browser ( In the Url Box ).

Step 3: As the official Pogo website opens, click on the Sign in button at the top right-hand side of your screen.

Step 4: The next screen is the Pogo login screen where can enter the Pogo account credentials including your Username and Password.

Step 5: Below you will find an option for Forgot password or Screen name. Click on that option.

Note: The username is the Screen Name in all guides related to Pogo Games. You can check the steps for recovering your username in the user guide. However, the steps to recover login passwords have been discussed in the next section.

Steps to Recover Pogo Login Password

  1. Type the username or screen name on the Pogo Account Recovery Screen and then click on Submit button.
  2. Now Pogo application will send you an email on your registered ID containing a link for Password Reset. Login to Pogo through your registered Email.
  3. Reset your Pogo login password by following the steps provided in the email.
  4. Further, you can relaunch your browser and sign in to your Pogo account using your username and new password.

Tip: Note the new Pogo password somewhere on a paper for future use and try not to miss it.

For Pogo users, Pogo is not just a game, it’s a kind of mind booster that helps them in improving their mental abilities. People have been associated with Pogo for the last 10-15 years and now Pogo is their friend, right?

Moreover, Pogo has evolved as a necessary tool with the advancement in online game technology. Overall, Pogo has been very useful for mind relaxation and fun at the same time. Hope the blog has helped you to fix Pogo sign-in problems.

Note: Carefully follow each of the login instructions discussed for different scenarios. Don’t generate too many password requests at the same time as it might lock down your Pogo account for 24 hours or more. Additionally, don’t even try to reset your pogo password more than two times a day. This is the reason why the pogo password reset option doesn't work due to over-limit issues.

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