How to Screen Record on Windows 10 and MAC?

Is there anyone how knows about how to screen record on windows 10 and MAC? I am facing some issues while doing this. Help me.

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Screen Records on Windows 10 and MAC:

Do you have to make a work-related how-to presentation? Do you want to have a good time with your friends while playing a game? Both can be done by recording your screen.

The role is simpler than you would imagine, as Windows 10, MacOS, and even Chrome OS all have built-in software to help you out. We demonstrate how to screen record on Windows 10 and how to screen record on a Mac.

On a Mac, Here's How to Record Your Screen.

Every Mac comes with QuickTime Player, an app that allows you to record, edit, play, and share audio and video files. It can be used to capture your computer's screen.

1. QuickTime Player can be found in Launchpad by searching for it.

2. Click "File" and then "New Screen Recording" once you're in Quicktime.

3. Choose from the following recording options by pressing the downward-facing arrow next to the "Record" button:
Microphone: To record your screen without sound, choose "None." To record your screen with sound, choose "Built-in Microphone."
Options: If you want your mouse clicks to appear as a circle during your screen recording, choose “Show Mouse Clicks in Recording.”
4. Select one of the following recording types by pressing the "Record" button:
To record your entire computer screen, click it. You can record a part of your screen by dragging it.
5. To stop recording, go to the menu bar and press the "Stop" button, which will be to the left of the "WiFi" button.

6. To save your recording, go to "File," then "Save," and give it a name.

How You can Record Your Screen on Windows 10

Microsoft pre-installed the Xbox App on Windows 10, a built-in screen recorder for recording video games on your computer. However, you can also use it to capture your screen for marketing purposes.

Use Xbox Game Bar:

To use this function, your device must support one of the encoders mentioned below. They are supported by the majority of current graphics cards and processors.

  • AMD VCE   
  • Nvidia NVENC
  • Intel Quick Sync H.264 (Intel second-generation CPU or newer)

Step 1: So, on the Start Menu, click the gear icon. You can also choose the All Settings tile in the Action Center by clicking the alerts icon on the taskbar. Both of these apps launch the Settings application.

Step 2: In the Settings app, go to Gaming.

Step 3: By default, the Xbox Game Bar section should load. Under the first paragraph, there is a toggle that should be set to On. If the toggle is set to Off, press it.

Step 4: Select Captures from the left-hand menu to see and change additional customization options.

You can adjust where your recordings and screenshots are saved, allow background recording, and record even when your laptop isn't plugged in under Captures. You may also choose to record when projecting your screen, set a maximum recording time, and tweak your audio and video quality settings.

Step 5: When you're done, press Win + G on your keyboard to open the Xbox Game Bar.

A prompt asking whether the highlighted application on your screen is a game may or may not appear. If you do, choose Yes. Sure, it's a lie since Xbox Game Bar is designed to capture gameplay, but this little ruse expands the functionality to other apps. However, Xbox Game Bar only records open applications and does not record the desktop or File Explorer.

Step 6: The Xbox Game Bar appears near the top-center edge of your screen. It has buttons that allow you to access these overlays and settings:

  • Audio
  • Capture
  • Performance
  • Xbox Social
  • Gallery
  • Widget Menu
  • Looking for Group

The Capture overlay in the Game Bar should be visible by default. If not, go to the Xbox Game Bar and press the Webcam button, as shown below.

Note: The Xbox Game Bar GUI will appear on the screen where you last clicked if your PC has more than one connected panel, such as a three-monitor setup.

Step 7: To begin, click the Capture overlay's round Start Recording button. Click the purple Stop button to end the recording.

With Xbox Game Bar allowed, you can also start and stop recording by pressing the Win + Alt + R key combination. In File Explorer, all captured video is saved as MP4 files in the Videos > Captures folder under This PC.

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