How to Screenshot on PC Windows 10?

Hello, Please let me know how to Screenshot on PC Windows 10?. I am facing some issues in the Screenshot on PC Windows 10. I don't know how to resolve it. Help me.

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Screenshot on PC Windows 10

The screenshot is an image taken of whatever you see on the screen. Today’s we are going to explain in our blog, how to Screenshot on PC windows 10. You can take a screenshot on just any platform and take the screenshot in windows is no different.

The screenshot is the built-in option which works great for the basic tasks but there are so many third party programs that offer this kind of service to take a screenshot on PC windows 10 in very efficient ways.

In this blog, we are going to explain several ways to take the screenshot on PC windows 10

Quick Screenshot with Print Screen (prtscn) Option 

There is a print screen button on your keyboard which is used to take a screenshot of the opening windows and also provide features to save a screenshot at the desired location. You can take a screenshot with saving files or screenshot without saving files. The print screen button is labeled as prtscn or prntscn or print scr or something similar. This button usually found between F12 and scroll lock button. On the laptop, you have to click the function key to access the print screen feature.  When you press this key, it will look like nothing happened but the screenshot has been saved on the clipboard.

To Save a Screenshot as a File:

For saving a screenshot as a file, you have to press the window key+prtScn. If you are using the tablet, you need to press the window logo button +volume down button. On the same laptop and other devices, you may need to press the Windows logo key +Ctrl+PrtScn or window logo key +fn+prtscn key.

The screen will be dim for a moment and screenshot will be saved in the folder which is entitled screenshot inside the default picture folder. You will see your screen feeble only if you have any type of animated windows when minimizing and maximizing turn on your visual effect settings like system then advanced system setting then click on the advanced tab and click setting under performance section.

Take Screenshot Without Saving:

Press the prtScn key and you will get a screenshot of your display is now copied on the clipboard. Open your favorite image editor where you want to use this image. Choose edit and paste screenshot wherever you like.  

Take the Screenshot Only For Window:

You need to click on the title bar of the window which you want to capture. Press alt+prtscn. A screenshot of your currently open window will be copied on the clipboard. Paste your favorite image editor.

Take a Screenshot of Part of the Screen:

Press the windows+shift+s. your screen will have appeared on the grey out and your mouse cursor will be changed. Click and drag on your screen to select the part of the screen which you want to capture. A screenshot of the screen region you selected will be copied to your clipboard. You can paste it at any application by selecting edit->paste or press the Ctrl+v to paste the image. 

Screenshot With the Help of Snipping Tool:

The snipping tool is part of the window for a long period of time. The snipping tool can take a screenshot of any open window, rectangular area, free form area or the entire screen. You can annotate your snips with a different colored pen or any highlighter. It saves the image in the MHTML file and emails it to a friend.

Procedure to Take a Screenshot with the Help of Snipping Tool:

  • First, open the snipping tool software and click on the delay which is used to take time in the number of seconds you did like to wait until your screenshot is taken.

  • Now choose the snip you want to make it by clicking the arrow next to the new button where you can choose four types of snip

  • Free-from snip

  • Rectangular snip

  • Window snip

  • Full-screen Snip

  • Choose one of the options, suppose delay time is 5 seconds which depends on which time you have chosen. Once your delayed time passed, your screen will be freeze and fade out so that you can create your snip and take a screenshot

Use Keyboard Shortcut In-Game Bar Window:

Windows 10 ships with games  DVR capabilities to record the gameplay footage and take a screenshot of Windows PC games. These screenshots generate in the PNG format and save them into C://Users\your username\videos\captures. Before using the game bar, launch Xbox app which comes with windows 10 features.

How to Take a Screenshot with these Facilities:

  • Press window key+G

  • Tap on the yes prompt

  • Press the camera icon or press win+alt+prtscn to take the screenshot

Screenshot with the Help of Snagit

Take a screenshot with the help of powerful screenshot features like Snagit. Snagit is the paid tool that makes taking screenshot is very easy. You can take a short video if you want. You can download a free version for a trial period to check out that it is beneficial for you or not.

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