How to Stop Windows Security from Deleting Your Files?

Please let me know that How to stop Windows Security from deleting your files. I am facing some issues while using windows 10. Help me.


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Stop Windows Security from Deleting Your Files:

Files that are not malicious can occasionally be scanned by Windows Security and corrupted. Files that are associated with video games, such as saved files, are impacted, but it can also damage other files. To prevent Windows Security from performing that, there is a straightforward fix. 

Follow below mentioned steps to stop Windows Security from deleting your files. One of the greatest antivirus programs available is Windows Security, which on its own performs a fantastic job of protecting your computer. 

It occasionally scans the incorrect files, marking them as corrupt and making them useless. Any type of file can experience this. Actually, this flaw has been plaguing a Reddit user who has been attempting to access video game-saved data.

It appears that this user has deleted a saved file due to corruption at least once each session since the most recent Windows upgrade. This is because the user is attempting to save the file while Windows Security is going through it.

Now, there are numerous approaches to approach this problem. Whitelisting the folders and files is one method. Even your gaming platforms, like Steam, might be whitelisted. You can also add the application to the list of ones that Defender is permitted to play if you encounter this problem when gaming. In this manner, Windows Security won't pass it. Alternatively, you may just disable Windows Defender.

How to Block Your Data from being Deleted by Windows Security is Provided Below.

Step 1: Click Settings by pressing Windows + I.

Step 2: Navigate to and select Privacy & Security.

Step 3: Click the tab under Windows Security.

Step 4: Click Manage settings after going to Virus as well as Threat Protection Settings.

Step 5: Turn off tamper protection by going to that section.

Step 6: Real-time protection should reactivate if you restart your computer. If not, examine the Windows Security program.

Windows has a function called "Tamper Protection" that ensures your ongoing virus defense. Real-time protection, for instance, will be enabled again after a while if you disable it. You must therefore turn off this function as well.

Are There Still Problems?

Your PC may face more serious Windows issues if the aforementioned solutions did not resolve your issue. To solve issues effectively, we advise deciding on a complete package like Fortect. After installation, simply select View&Fix and then click Start Repair.

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