How to Turn On ChromeOS Developer Mode on Your Chromebook?

Is there anyone who knows how to turn on ChromeOS developer mode on your Chromebook. I am facing some issues while trying to do this. Help me.

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Turn on ChromeOS Developer Mode on Your Chromebook:

Chromebooks are quite capable machines. You can accomplish much more with a Chromebook than the straightforward browser-based interface that attracts many customers. Joining a Beta or Dev channel or turning on Chrome Flags are just a couple of the many methods to unleash the full potential of ChromeOS. Enabling Developer Mode will enhance the ChromeOS experience.

Turning on Developer Mode is akin to giving your phone root privileges for those familiar with Android phones. You can activate features that are not available in the default ChromeOS settings. For example, installing a brand-new OS on your Chromebook is possible using Developer Mode.

The most common application of Developer Mode may be for sideloading Android apps. You can find many APKs not offered for ChromeOS devices in Google Play Store on websites including APK Mirror.

How to Make ChromeOS's Developer Mode Available

The first point you should be aware of is activating Developer Mode deletes all locally saved data, including your login credentials. So make a backup of all the data you wish to keep before taking action. Using ChromeOS exclusively, you can back it up to your favourite cloud storage service.

Following that, here's how to access Developer Mode:

Step 1: Activate the Chromebook.

Step 2: The Esc key, Refresh key, and Power button should all be pressed and held simultaneously.

Step 3: An alert stating, "ChromeOS is broken or missing. Insert USB drive here "will appear.

Step 4: Now, simultaneously hit and hold the Ctrl and D keys.

Step 5: Hit Enter (when prompted).

Step 6: Go through the Chromebook setup procedure after the device has restarted.

Step 7: A screen stating that OS verification is disabled will appear. This screen will now appear each time you boot up moving forward.

Step 8: To properly restart, press the keys Ctrl and D.

Turn Off Developer Mode

How about if you turn on ChromeOS developer mode on your Chromebook if you don't like it? The good news is that it's just as simple to disable Developer Mode. The unfortunate news is that you must once more erase your data. Make sure to perform another data backup. Next, take these actions:

Step 1: Restart your Chromebook if it's currently on, or turn it on.

Step 2: Click the spacebar whenever the screen which reads "OS verification is off" appears.

Step 3: It would completely erase the laptop, and its factory data reset.

Step 4: Repeat the Chromebook setup procedure.

As you'll see, turning on and off Developer Mode is really easy. Make sure you are aware of the possible security dangers and back up your personal data before testing out Developer Mode. Ensure you use Developer Mode carefully. It can add a fascinating layer of functionality to your Chromebook or Chromebox.

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